Single Player - Multi-Character per Save Game

So in posting on another suggestion, this thought came to me. I’m not sure -how- easy it’d be to do.

It basically is like how Terraria is. You have a character save and a world save in that. You can have multiple character saves and they can all access the same world file.

So I am wondering now if this could be possible with Conan for single player mode. I believe I’ve seen other PS4 titles have multiple save pieces for different things.

So essentially, it would function like this:

Character 1: Conan
Character 2: Chrom
World Save

Start up the game and you pick your character. All that is saved in this file would be their attributes, skills, feats, what is in their inventory and hotbar. Nothing else.

It then loads up the World Save, which has the data for buildings you have put, thralls and their ownership, etc.

It’s sort of like a mini-online server, that’s entirely offline. So you could have differing characters set up in different styles and the like. And they can aid each other, when behind it there is only one player, you. Or something like family members all playing in one save game.

Not expecting much, but I think it’d be a great thing for the single player side of Exiles.


I actually started a thread on this subject not too far back now. For the record, I would honestly love to see this feature implemented. Although no idea if it will ever come to pass or not. Here is the link if you are interested in some further reading.

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I’m mostly interested in being able to have multiple characters that can interact in the same world, without having to be online on an official or private server.

As I could then spec a warrior and a craftsman, have my own little village going.


Still it helps lot if you state on what plateforme you play. And if you play online or in singleplayer.

While on pc this may not be an issue, and i could easily give you some hints, on some consols this may not be that simple.

Think that we are players from muliple plateformes and with divers gamestyles. :wink:

I’ve got it on PS4.

I’m not sure at all about logistics on how it would be done. Just the theory of it.

Go to continue game on the main screen.
Have a screen pop up to select your character file.
Loads the character file, then the world save.

Saving, I would think you could just target what is saved. Since as it is now, the game has to target all those things anyways. It is mainly just splitting it into two distinct pieces.

All in all, it’s a nice fantasy, but I doubt we ever got something like that.

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