Perhaps a stupid question but

I’m trying to find out if I can have two charaters in the same time ingame. I’m playing with my son on a rented server, but I’d like to play singleplayer also. I can’t find anything about it anywhere. Not that it’s not there, it’s propably right before my eyes. But I can’t find it, so now I ask you guys for help. Can I play two chars on Conan, one online and one singleplayer?

Yes. Your character data is stored to the server. Single player is stored in your single player DB. Every server you join creates a new character, and that character data is stored to that server.


Thank you!
I thought it would be something like that, but I didn’t dare to try. Strange it doesn’t say so anywhere. It’s easy enough to write. Especially in the game manual :slight_smile:

I’m case you ever want to create another single player save game but keep your old save game:
Open the steamapps folder -> common -> Conan Exiles -> Conan Sandbox -> Saved
Copy the Saved folder and place it somewhere to keep it, then just start a new game in Single player so it keeps all your settings (graphics, controls etc.)


You can also have multiple (independent) characters in the same singleplayer game if you want to if you use Mikey’s Toolbox:

They can’t interact with each other as they are only “one at a time”, but it is sometimes nice to build something with one toon that you can interact with as another, without having to be on a server.

Just another option.


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