Mikey's Toolbox (PC/SINGLE PLAYER) - version 0.3.2

Not working with the latest version of the game. Download links removed. I will not be offering support for those who manage to fubar their game with it :slight_smile:

Original Post

A long long time ago, when the world was new and this game was still in EA I made a tool to allow for multiple single-player savegames, and multiple characters inside the same savegame (still single-player only).


Freshly updated as per 01/11/2019, though as always, do use at your own risk etc etc.

Version 0.3.2 is ready, download link here:
Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life


Version 0.3.2: Added a check/confirm box when trying to load a coop or multiplayer savegame, as the tool will not function optimally with those in mind (it’s a single-player tool first and foremost).
Version 0.3.1: Making sure the tool fails slightly more gracefully when Steam is not running. Thanks fito for the report/testing.
Version 0.3: Hopefully fixed a nagging issue causing the Toolbox to set wrong information for “active character” when multiple accounts were used on the savegame.

Old version(s)

Download link here:

Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life
Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

and how-to-use video (series) here:

I am mainly making this topic to have something to refer back to, since I still occasionally see people asking how to maintain multiple savegames, or to be able to “play against themselves” in singleplayer.


Didn’t realize you were the author of this. I’ve pointed so many people in the direction of your stuff, I lost track of how many. Your tool has done a great service to the community. Thanks for the nifty tool. Here is your old reddit link, in case you need it


Thanks Multigun, that means a lot coming from you!

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Dude seriously this is one of the greatest things ever for Conan Exiles!

Thank you so much for this wonderful tool. I am super hyped it still works after all this time!! Well done Sir… You’ve done Crom’s work here.

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Can confirm, it’s currently working perfectly for me. I’ve been using it without a hitch for a few months now. (always wondered if it was the same Mikey lol)

Makes organising savegames, testing mods etc so much easier. Highly recommended.


Glad to hear it’s useful to you guys, it was literally the work of an afternoon (I spent longer recording the videos!) so pretty chuffed it’s still functional after all this time.

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Hi, I recently started using your toolbox and it is a wonderful toll indeed. Thankyou very much… I forget now who it was that told me about it but I made a post in here about what files to backup for multiple saves and advised to check out your toolbox.

It has been a great help, it’s a shame you are not working on it anymore as I would have liked to be able to delete a character I had added to a game when no longer needed.

However once a new character is created into a current save it can’t be undone without deleted the entire save. Still, this program has been a big help indeed, Thanks again… :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words, I’m happy you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

Deleting a character is indeed not possible, while choosing not to reactivate it does much the same in practical terms - if you have A LOT of characters, I suppose it could clutter up the list somewhat. I’ll put it on my list of things to look at if I ever get back into it :sunny:

That’s great, till then it’s still a great tool to have and it certainly makes it easier to switch between Playthrus etc. The “make me king” option works great too, as long as you don’t have any thralls as it doesn’t transfer ownership of them.

I am so glad I was told about this, thanks again for your great work…


Oh, I was not aware. That’s an oversight on my part!

Ah ha, so this is where your thread has been hiding. Bookmarked it this time.


Yeah I was a little surprised when my new character, that I made “king”, rocked up to the castle and was attacked by the thralls, AND the animals :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say your toolbox is also linked in the Tools section of the Useful links wiki page: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Useful_links#Tools

If we’re missing any useful links or anything else, let us know or contribute them yourself :smiley:


Mikey got a question I be got two diffent drives for Conan along as back ups. Steam pulling found the back up but your tool pulling form the first how do I change the tools to change data on the back up drive? Also great thing you done I been using your tools less problems. I love the tool

If you go to the folder where you put the toolbox, you’ll find a file called “ConanToolbox.json”

You can open that up with any text editor (like notepad) and change the directory it looks in for the current savegame. Note that any backups you made are saved with the tool irrespective of install location (they will also persist through uninstall/reinstalls that way).

Thank you its fixed just saved a save with 48 hours of mining

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This is still working, I just downloaded and ran it and used all the features except “Make me king”. Aug. 2019


Does it matter where this is installed? All I get is an error when I try to use it. I also only see a newtonsoft.json not a conan one.

No it shouldn’t matter where you put it. Personally I’d suggest sticking it on your Desktop or another easy-to-reach location (Documents folder is also fine). I’d not recommend putting it inside the Steam folder or anything like that. If you can tell me what error message you get, I’d be happy to try and help you get it running.

It still works for most players, but it literally has not been updated since Conan Exiles was in Early Access (it’s from April 2017) so there are a few cases where it doesn’t, such as if you’re running multiple Steam accounts from your home PC.

I’d update it, but I don’t actually play Single Player myself any longer, and well… it somehow ends up going to the back of the todo list every time. I’d probably redo the whole thing from scratch if I was doing it today anyway, I don’t actually like the “always saved” approach in a utility like this.