Problem playing single player and lost progress

So long story short. Haven’t played for over a year, have a brand new PC and even though the game asked me if I wanted to continue with my progress. It created a new character.

I ran around for a bit, looking around and eventually came across all my buildings etc.

So, the question is how do I get this stuff back.

My guess is that it think my steam ID is wrong, but not sure because when I look at it when creating my character is my machine names and all these numbers.

Can I get my progress back or is this a limitation on this game works?

This tool might help you - specifically the ‘make me king’ functionality

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Not sure how that will help, because I am obviously having multiple players in my save file. My main issue is why does it ask me to recreate a character and all my progress is gone.

It will (probably) help because it will allow you to select a character and assign all buildings etc to that player, while deactivating any other character

Yeah it did work that way, but why did Conan give me a completely different steam ID in the first place.

I should also point out that certain structures auto destroyed, was that due to actual changes in the game or another issue?

Why you’d get assigned a new Steam ID I cannot say - that’s probably more of a general Steam query.

As for buildings auto-destructing - that’s been known to happen after certain updates. The older the save and the more updates it goes through ‘at once’ the higher the risk, probably. The tool doesn’t change anything about the buildings themselves, only the owner.

No steam has my normal ID, Conan made up some crap one based on my computer name for this game.

And yeah I thought that was the case, pretty horrid that a game does that these days. In fact extremely horrid that a game does that these days.

Okay, that sounds odd, though I’ve heard similar stories before - in fact those were the reason behind the feature to take ownership of buildings being implemented in the tool.

well I appreciate the tip, it helped.


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Then my work here is done
//flies away

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