Mikey's Toolbox (PC/SINGLE PLAYER) - version 0.3.2

I wanna start off by saying thanks for such a great tool, but I’ve run into a problem. I’ve used mikey’s toolbox to create a new singleplayer world and backed up my old world. Now when I return to my original save my buildings are still there, but it wants me to create a new character. I have the box checked next to the character I want to play as but it still puts me at the character creator screen every time I continue. Ive looked online and nobody else seems to be having this problem

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I’ve experienced this myself at one point, as it happens. It has to do with how Steam ID’s and character saves get linked.

I’m not sure if something has changed in how the game handles things, though the tool being as old as it is, with no changes since early EA days, that’s certainly possible.

The good news is, I might make an update to the tool in the not-too-distant future*, as I’m returning to singleplayer - can’t be arsed to keep up with decay timer, and my server is now so depopulated as to be effectively singleplayer anyway.

*soon™ - think weeks, not hours or days, I’ve a lot on my plate these days!


Hi, I signed up just so I could thank you for this great program you made, I am new to the game, having just bought it after enjoying it during the recent free play event on steam.
So anyway, thank for making this program.
even as old as it is it still works as described for me.
if you are taking suggestions for any possible future update, I for one would like to see race listed with the name and level of the savegame character.
regardless I am very grateful for your efforts, thank you.

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Just thought I’d share, I’ve recently encountered the same issue, and found a fix, but it requires using different tools to modify the db file for your save. You can use DB Browser for SQLight, I can’t post a link, so you’ll have to google. Top link from search, version 3.11.2 is what I used.

Download the appropriate file for your OS, then extract and run the “DB Browser for SQLight.exe”

From there, select open database, and navigate to the save location “Steam > steamapps > common > Conan Exiles > Conan Sandbox > Saved” (is the default, not sure if you have it set diff) and select “game.db”.

Now you’ll want to move to the “Browse Data” tab. Whichever account listed is set to 1 (changing which one is actively online doesn’t work, it’ll default to original one), you’ll want to copy the ID under user.

Now select characters from the “Table:” drop down menu, and paste the ID into the playerId field for the character you want to play (naturally only one character can have the id, change others if needed to avoid conflict). Then go File, Write Changes, and load your save. Voila, you’ll be playing the character you want again.

Bit of a process, but it worked for me. After reading what Mikey said about accounts, I figured I’d just modify the DB file directly to see if it worked, and it did, thank god.

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing and ends up helping some.

As a final note, do know everytime you run Mikey’s Toolbox, it’ll reset the playerId field back to something like “00000000000000001” and force you back to character creation again, meaning you’ll have to redo all this. I tested hoping after the change I’d be able to switch characters on a save again, but didn’t work out for me.

Edit: On a side note, just wanna say thanks for the great tool Mikey. Looking forward to seeing it updated so I don’t have to manually modify db files. Does look like they changed how saves work, so hopefully it’s not too taxing for you to update.


You’re welcome, and you’re quite right, you can do everything the tool does manually! I haven’t had time to look into updating the tool, hell, I haven’t had time to even play the game, but I swear I’ll get 'round to it one of these days. Maybe.

In the meantime, I can only encourage everyone who feels up to it to try doing it for themselves “the SQL way” - though do backup your saves first, especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing (yet) !

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Could you share under which circumstances it occurred? I’ve been looking into it this morning (woke up at 4 AM, might as well do something productive before work), but despite being quite sure I’ve seen it myself in the past, I can’t seem to get it to happen now. And as all devs know, being able to at least semi-consistently replicate an issue is paramount to fixing it :slight_smile:

This also goes @matmoo42 and anyone else who might have experienced this issue at some point.

I recently encountered this issue as well and I suspect it occured when I unsubscribed from some mods (in this case ELI because of the fps issue), since soon after that I noticed that the tool kept recreating my char on relog/char change and, after some debugging, I noticed the ‘wrong’ account being used.

A solution that fixed the tool for me was to edit not only the characters-table (like Incariuz suggests) but also the accounts-table in the .db file and delete the row with the unused/offline account, after which the tool would assign characters to the correct account again.


Thank you @Kaspy for responding - and welcome, this being your first post and everything.

I have a pretty good idea of what the cause is now, and with any luck will be able to take a look later today or tomorrow.

Quick update I have found the problem, and I believe I have fixed it. I’ll release an updated version of the toolbox soon-ish. Just adding a couple of features I’ve wanted to do for a while before then.

Update 2: Yep. Definitely seems fixed. Added one of the new features, but time’s up - will release tomorrow unless I dream up new features in the night!


Sorry for the late response, but based on a more recent post, I assume you’ve figured out the issue. Anyway, I will describe anyway. I selected the option to create a new character in an existing save, and the character worked fine, would load upon exiting and re-entering the game, however when I went to switch back to original character, it would then prompt me to create a new one. If I switched to the new character again, same deal. After looking at the database, I noticed for the new character, it create an account for it using my PC’s name, while the ID for my original character did not match that of my original account ID.

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Thanks @Incariuz. That looks like a different (if related) issue to what I’ve been hearing/seeing on my end, so I can’t say if this update fixes it.

Updated with version 0.3 (see first post for link etc). Those who had issues with character choice not being saved, please do let me know if this helps, I haven’t been able to reliable reproduce all the problems on my end, so can’t check if every case is fixed.

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Great program :star_struck:, I used it only a few weeks before releasing version 0.3. However, this version stopped working after defragmentation (optimizing) hard drives.

Conan Exiles and Mikey’s Toolbox are on one disk (other than system). After getting rid of unnecessary files from the disk and defragmentation, version 0.3 stopped working :eyes:.

.NET Framework error pops up:
Attempted to read or write protected memory.

The previous version works fine, I had no problems with it, so I can use it.

If anyone has a similar problem, check that version 0.2 works for you :+1:.

Edit: Problem solved in post below :partying_face:.

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For anyone else who runs into the error @fito mentions, it occurs when Steam is NOT running alongside the tool, as the toolbox now relies on Steam to tell it which account is logged in (it previously tried to infer this from the game.db but that didn’t cover all the cases).

I’ve added a version 0.3.1 to the OP that explains this when the tool is run without Steam, so hopefully that ugly “.NET Framework error” will stop showing up. Thanks to @fito for the report and for testing the fix.


Exactly, the error :see_no_evil: had nothing to do with defragmentation :hear_no_evil:, only with Steam turned off :speak_no_evil:. Thanks for the quick reply, Mikey. Now I can use your tool in the latest version.

It’s party time :partying_face:.

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Hi Mikey
Thanks for your tool, works great for having multiple saving games. However, I’m having issues when playing with friends in coop mode. We did start playing a new game and after a few hours we had to stop. Few days after when We got together to play again, I’ve loaded the game and my character was there just fine, but when I’ve invited my friends they’re sent to character creation page (even tho the’yre level 15). Their level 15 character shows on your tool and they are part of my clan, do you know what can be wrong? I’m assuming (and hoping) they won’t need to start over every time We play?
Thanks in advance

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Yeah I have a good idea what the problem is. I’ll write you a PM.

I added a check to the tool that will tell you if the savegame you’re trying to load is a coop or other multiplayer game, and inform that the tool is not designed for those (it is at the end of the day a single-player tool). Using the toolbox to backup/restore saves should be fine, but any of the character/clan manipulation functions WILL mess up a multi- or coop save.

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Ok so just one more time, @Mikey , I wanna thank you a TON for this amazing tool… The value of which is absolutely WITHOUT MEASURE and it is absolutely indespensible… And to let you know that I am always recommending it to single players that might not know of it. Man this thing is gold. Can’t thank you enough for this! You deserve all the cake, Sir.

Editing to say, I can’t appreciate more that you are still, after all of this time, keeping up support for this tool! Man if I could buy you a beer and some pizza, I’d do it!

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By Crom! How did I just hear about this tool now? @Mikey, that’s awesome! I can’t wait to get home to try it!


Dude… When you play single player offline, you will LOVE IT. It is DIVINE, DIVINE, I say… To be able to have multiple characters in one save file when playing offline (and I know that there really isn’t an ‘offline’ mode without modding it; I mean Single Player).

Noteably, Mikey has stated that this tool isn’t really intended for server use. Edit: Please see below for Mikey’s words on the use of this tool with co-op mode.

Highly recommended. It’s simply fantastic.

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I use single player mode to design my builds, using admin powers so I don’t have to farm up all the resources while I’m still figuring out how I want things to look. Being able to have multiple savegames without the hassle of doing it manually will be a blessing. And I’m sure it has other features that’ll help me :slight_smile: