What is the Name of save games?

Greetings All,
It used to be game.db now I cant find any file .
In saved it only show conansandbox wit an April date.
Any Ideas?

It’s the same.

\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\game.db

It keeps a lot of backups with names like game_backup_1.db.

Make sure you’re in the right “Saved” folder. The path I showed is where my SP/co-op saves are located. I don’t know where it is for dedicated servers.

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Well my friend they are not on my hard drives C or D.
Did search this computer and nothing.
There is no file named that or game_backup_1.db.
I remember someone saying they had changed the name from game.db to something else.
Now I think they are called coansandbox,thats the file that has todays date and time when I stoped playing this morning.
Thanks Again For your time ExNi. :smiley:

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