(Game pass)Solo/coop not saving

Upon clicking singleplayer/coop and continue, “Missing save game: No save game could be found for the active user. If you expected to find a save game please wait a moment then try again.” pops up.

I checked ConanSandbox folders(there are 3), there is no game.db in either of them(like in steam version), but when I try to create new world, it warns me that there is existing save file and if I want to overwrite it.

Any ideas?


Same issue here, I checked the files and found game.db on:

I even tried to copy it into …ConanSandbox\Saved then while trying to load game is “checking for permissions” and after few moments shows the same info: “Missing save game:…”
Funny thing is that after this copied game.db (from ConanSandbox\server\saved → ConanSandbox\saved) disapears.

Some fix ideas ?

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same problem

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