Server Game Database Question

HI, Question for the Devs or Experienced CE Server Admins.

I’m running a private server and within the “ConanSandbox\Saved” folder on the server, there are a large number of “*.db” files. I’m guessing the primary is the “game.db” file and all the files named “game_backup_1.db” through “game_backup_40.db” are just backups created when the server was updated or rebooted.

Also, there are four “*.db” files named ie. “game_build_95365_1.db” which I assume is the game build? Then there are three more files with similar names ie. "game_upgrade_23_24_0.db. Finally, there is one named game_upgrade_tags_20_1.db.

I was curious if all these *.DB are needed, and if some are not needed would it improve server login performance if I was able to delete any extraneous and unneeded files.


Good that you ask :slight_smile:

(Idk myself, not experienced with that)

The server makes regular backups at intervals that I am not sure of. The game only uses the game.db file so there is no use in deleting the others. The game would just make more anyway. It is good practice however to make a local copy of those files prior to updating just in case there is a major bug and you would like to do a rollback. I make sure to do that for my server.

Systems admin is my day job, so I keep two to three local copies, each entire backup takes up 1.4 gigs at this point with more than 40 individual *.db backup files at 37mb each. It appears the individual backup *.db file is created with every server restart. At the very least if I trim the number of *.db files down it makes for a smaller periodic download via FTP.