Server rollback after reboot hardware

Game mode: dedi serv
Problem: DB files
Region: EU

Hello everyone,
Since the last hotfix my server has a rollback after every reboot of the server machine.
Sometimes 2 or 4 hours or even 2-3 days.
Is this a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong.
I also notice that the latter DB files are missing everytime after a reboot of the hardware…need help plz

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Are you shutting down the server correctly? Also make sure to run DB maintenance.

I shut the server with ctrl-c…reboot my machine and the server has a rollback.
This happends not everytime…but often.
The weird thing is that the laterst DB file is gone.
Server just pick a old one…looks like

This is a very odd issue. Not seen it personally.

What drive is your game.db file saved on? A local drive? Is the drive full?

After you shut down the game, do the game.db-wal and game.db-shm files remain in the Saved folder? If they do, delete them.

Have you tried taking a copy of the latest game.db file before you reboot the machine?

Like ShintaiDK said, running the maintenance tool in the same folder should be done, I suspect the game will use the last working non-corrupted database as you boot back up if there is an issue with your latest copy.

This is my drive C/
238GB ATA Samsung SSD 850 SCSI Disk Device (SATA (SSD))

The drive has 80% free space.

This morning I delite every backup file in the Saved folder also in the Logs folder I cleanup everything.
Exept ConanSandbox and SilentEvents.txt

The server is creating now (in logs) a ConanSandbox backup…it never did before.
Server is creating now (in Saved) a game_backup_ almost every 5 min…it never did before.
I mean after the last big update…before that I never had props like this.
After the big update it was very hard to get the server online…it crashed over and over agian.
And stange folders were created in logs.

These are the folders I just delite…and now its logging…every 5 min

game_backup is on nr 38…I never saw so many:)


sometime yes…but if I added the backup and run it then the server doesn’t create backups…not like it does now.
backups are 5 to 8 hours old

Backups should be like 5 minutes old. Make sure directory permissions are correct? Maybe delete all the backups except _1.db