If I Buy Steam Version

So I own the Xbox/ Mircosoft Store Version of Conan Exiles, including the DLCs.
What am I losing out on / do need to buy again if I purchase the steam version?
I’m guessing using my funcom log in I don’t have to worry about coin store and season pass items?

Unfortunately, you’re guessing wrong. You don’t actually have a Funcom login, you have a Microsoft login for your Microsoft account, and your Funcom account is linked to your Microsoft account.

If you buy the Steam version, you will be using your Steam login for your Steam account, and the game will create a separate Funcom account linked to your Steam account.

Funcom hasn’t provided an option to merge those accounts.

Long story short: when playing Conan Exiles on Steam, you won’t have access to Battle Pass and Bazaar and Twitch drops you obtained while playing Conan Exiles on Xbox and/or Game Pass. (And vice versa)


So I’m re-buying EVERYTHING then?
Ughhh. Why must Microsoft store version be the worse version?

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Ya sadly. I had to buy all steam too.
But. You can play on the same server between the 2!
Bump your thrall count up to 80.

T.b.h. everything but Steam is the worst option

For now :')

Other stores are so bad I prefer paying double in Steam than having to deal with the others, and its because I’m a Steam fan, I just like comfort.