Question about FuncomID for Steam/Xbox

So I usually play Conan Exiles on xbox and i love the game, i ade purchase through the bazaar. The game auto logs the FuncomID to my XboxID.

Recently i got all the DLCs and Basegame on steam as a present, and i installed it hoping i could link the two funcomIDs or just login using the xboxID (they both use the name email address)

Unfortunately i cant find a wayto link them or even log out of the current active FuncomID on the computer.

Anyone know a way, as i really like the stuff i purchased and would like to use them on both platforms.

There isn’t a way to link them, as far as I know. The various platform versions of the game are islands; Steam, Game Pass, Xbox, Playstation are all considered independent entities. DLCs you buy on one won’t be accessible elsewhere. Which, if you think about it, is how those platforms want it because each of them are getting a cut. If you could just bring the Xbox DLCs over to Steam, that’s Steam missing out on revenue there.

see DLC and base game I understand, but what I’m after is the linking of the two FuncomIDs for purchases from the Bazar, which from my understanding is Funcom direct stuff for example the Stormglass Sanctum onstruction parts.

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I think they will not allow you to use your Bazaar items on two different platforms because they have no means to check if you (or someone else) do not use them at the same time. Maybe they’ll agree to transfer your purchases from one FuncomID account to another? Try to ask Funcom helpdesk for such a courtesy.

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Any idea how i contact the helpdesk? I tried searching the forum but couldnt see any reference to it?

Try this link:
Funcom Zendesk

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