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I have the XBox/MS Store (not GamePass, there is a difference) version of Conan Exiles, with the Isle of Siptah expansion and all the DLC to date. They are not season ticket subscriptions or whatever, nor are they contingent on a subscription such as GamePass, but are permanent full purchases made via my XBox. I was able to validate those purchases on my PC and get everything installed, and it and all the DLC work just fine.

My question is: I want to buy the Steam version. Do I have to re-purchase the Isle of Siptah expansion and all of the DLC, or can I just re-purchase the base game from Steam, and move all my other purchases to the appropriate folders in the Steam install?

Steam is not associated with Xbox, Microsoft, nor gamepass. It’s a different version of the game entirely (think console version vs pc version). You’ll have to repurchase everything.

Thanks for the response, but I am still a bit confused.

The MS Store version I have is already on my PC. The version I want to purchase from Steam would also be on the same PC.

I originally purchased the game/expansion/DLC on my XBox, and then when I finally got a PC that could run CE well, used the license for the original purchases to validate PC-based installations of all of that content on my PC. The license to use the games on my XBox extended to my PC, so all the PC installations of my XBox-purchased games are valid and legal. So, even though the license is from Microsoft and originally purchased/installed on an XBox, the content I am talking about is a PC version, legally installed and fully functional on my PC.

Shouldn’t the code for all that content be the same for all PC versions regardless of which store it was purchased from? Is there a “license” layer in each package that checks which stores other packages came from, and refuses to interface with them if they came from different stores? Unless the game is checking to see where a piece of content was purchased from, I don’t see how PC-based DLC purchased from one store would be any different from PC-based DLC purchased at another.

I am asking this question because I don’t want to spend money pointlessly, but I also do not want to do anything that is going to break either installation and possibly corrupt my saved games. If coming from different stores (not different platforms) makes expansions and DLC completely incompatible with the base game, that seems like very important knowledge that users shouldn’t have to ask around for.

Edit: I get that all Conan DLC are just keys to unlock recipes for assets already in the current update for the game, but such keys should not be specific to a given store unless there is an intent to make DLC purchases incompatible with the base game, if they are not from the same store.

No, it’s my understanding that gamepass is Microsoft’s exclusive version. I mentioned “think console vs pc” because essentially, you’re playing the console version… sorta. You played the version licensed to Microsoft via gamepass, which allows you to play on other services that provide gamepass. For example, let’s say Sony allowed gamepass on the PlayStation platform (they wouldn’t, but let’s just use it as an example). You’d be playing the version you own, not the native PlayStation version. Were you to buy the PlayStation version, you’d need a separate purchase of the game and all its dlc associated with it, since it’s read as a different game.

It’s not a GamePass version though. It was all purchased with my regular XBox Live/MS Store account (not a GamePass account,) and the base game and most of the DLC purchases were made before Conan even had a GamePass version. The Microsoft/XBox stores maintain separate versions (i.e., a GamePass version, and all the other versions). That’s why I stated in my original post that none of this has anything to do with GamePass.

Then my mistake. I suppose I skimmed over those details. I merely meant that gamepass is the Xbox version, and likewise is linked with Microsoft’s store. It seems like it all goes through the same channels, hence why it recognizes your purchases on the store.

Regardless, the Xbox/MS store version is NOT the steam version. There’s been plenty of topics about this. However, if you want to try, by all means, go for it. Just don’t be surprised if you have to purchase everything over again.

I think this probably would have done better as a customer service ticket with Funcom, than as a forum post. Thanks for your answers though.

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