Problem: Xbox anywhere, PC MS Store Version, Day One Edition

I play CE already longer, started with the disk day one edition for XBox. this contained a code. I registered that code to my xbox-account and so had the Atlantean Sword on my Xbox. I still have it.

When I installed the game pass version on PC, all my DLC were available, fine.

But I miss the Atlantean Sword! It is not available as download in the shop and as I already redeemed the code, the sword should be there as it is connected to my account. For some reason it is not.

Sadly the sword is linked to the platform you purchased on, and not your account. The only way to get the Atlantean Sword on PC was to have been a European customer, as physical Day One Editions were not released in the US. It’s still a rather sore spot for many of us.

Thank you for your reply. But I am not sure this fits.
The code was entered to my xbox account, correct. But it was/is in fact a Microsoft account. Now conan is part of the microsoft store and has become XBox anywhere, what means the game & content can be played on XBox as well as PC.
The day one version for PC has been linked to steam, as CE PC meant Steam in 2017.
At that time there was no MS Store Version (except Xbox) where you could have registered your code.
you could register your code only platform dependent (PC/Steam - XBox/MS)
There was no MS Store PC Version.

So I guess the Atlantean sword should be there. You know, even on XBox MS Store the DLC is not viewable any more (I have similar “issues” with some older dlc from ESO that are not available via Store any longer) I found this when I set up my new Series X and found many DLC has not been installed and were not even available for download. I copied them manuallly back from my harddrive…
MS seems to have a very hard cleanup policy in their shop andd seem not to be very reliable relating access to your owned stuff…
I make always saves of my xbox dlc to at least 2 harddrives, so I can copy back my dlc even I change the xbox.
In the moment I am not sure if here funcom helps or Microsoft, but I think I will make a ticket at MS Store.

Again, it is linked to the edition purchased, not the account. You must have a physical day one edition to get the sword. Physical PC copies were only available in the EU. Steam copies only got the option to get the royal armor.

Your pc gamepass version is just that: the pc gamepass version. Whether or not you also own the Xbox day one edition has absolutely no bearing on it. Console is console, pc is pc, steam is steam, egs is egs, and gamepass is gamepass. You cannot get the sword on pc gamepass as it is considerered a completely separate copy of the game for its own platform.

I do not have the gamepass version, but the full xbox version with XBox anywhere. Thats the reason I have all dlc… and I am in Europe. Thank you for reply, but I do not think that is the solution.
Codes are allways linked to the account.

The Atlantean sword is tied to your xbox account (so XB1 and Series X/S) only (even with play anywhere).

Yes, thats what I mean. I use my XBox Account when I play on PC :-). So I have all my (XBox) DLCs there. Thats the reason why I expect to see the Atlantean Sword also.

One or two years ago it was installed automatically on a new empty xbox one. But last time when I got my new Xbox Series X it was not available to be installed… it was not viewable any longer in “my products”. I copied this from my external hdd. But I will recheck this to be sure.

Essence: I will check to make it available on my XBox again (my products) as I dont want to rely on a copy of it on my hdd…

Thank you all

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