Can't find Conan's Atlantean Sword

Hey all,

I recently bought a physical version of Conan Exiles - Day 1 Edition. Inside, there was the code for Conan’s Atlantean Sword, which I redeemed in the Store. I can’t find the recipe in my existing single player though. Do I have to make a new one to get the Sword?

No the recipe should be in your inventory not in blacksmith bench I have that sword to and didn’t have to make a character

Oh and just cause you redeemed code doesn’t mean it’s installed if your on Xbox highlight the game hit start button go to manage game and add-on and see if it’s installed if it isn’t it will be at the ready to install section just click on it to install and you’ll be rdy to go

Thank you so much, that was my issue. Curious though why it wouldn’t just automatically install a downloaded DLC if there’s enough space

No problem glad to help

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