Day One Digital for PC in USA issues

So since we can not get the digital or day one packs here in the USA AND the codes are specific to the platform, Funcom needs to give USA players whom bought the game on steam the sword as well. That way, if we really want to get the cool stuff in the collectors we can buy the PS4 or Xbox version and still get everything. I feel that how it is being handled now is a huge slap in the face to the USA players even if it’s just like…a sword code. :stuck_out_tongue: Not a hugely big deal at the end of the day but the little things like this is what makes a company stand out.

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The sword… I want the sword. I really want the sword! I wanted it since I was a boy and watched Conan! I almost started drooling when they showed off the real deal show off sword in the stream. I just can’t buy the Limited Edition because it would be much too expensive for me and well, I already own the game. But… I really… - really really really - want the Atlantean Sword!

The sword is a retail Day One Edition item, and unfortunately there is no PC retail release in the US as the game is not ESRB rated on PC. Some markets do have PC retail and it is possible to import if you want to. We do apologize for the inconvenience!

You can also check out this thread. It has links to several of the other threads on this topic and there is a link to a site that is not region blocked provided by another forum member…

And yet both physical editions are available for PS4 and XBOX in the US… just not PC.

I’ve said this elsewhere, so forgive me if I’m being repetitive. There are plenty of retailers for PS4 and XB games, all over my town. There is not one single PC game retailer. “Americans no longer buy physical disks for the PC” is the exact statement made by Best Buy many years ago. I think that sums it up.

I agree. I’m not sure who you were making a point to. My point was that XBOX and PS4 have collectors editions available in the US. The PC version is not available. Obviously digital distribution has the lions share, but that’s not the collectors edition. Duh.

even if we can’t get the sword for pc in america it would be nice to at least know what time the release is going to go off at so we can rush to our favorite places on the map to set up home

These are given in the Community Letter out today.

At the very least those whom bought it on steam are getting the king armor which looks fantastic. I’m not complaining about the game at all as I’m a huge fan and picked it up on steam almost as quickly as it was out. I love this company and they tend to do a decent job making us happy. It just sucks that, even though I don’t “Have” to, I’m buying a day one edition for a buddy in another country just so he can send me the code for the sword. Honestly the USA customers should be getting the sword and armor due to the lack of physical copies available to us as it’s an issue between Funcom and the ESRB, not an unwillingness to buy the big collectors packs ect. I mean, I can go to best buy and get a collectors edition pack then just ebay the unopened game to someone no big. It’s just the sword we’re missing out on so it wouldn’t be that big of a thing for them to parse out who bought the game on steam in the USA and toss us a bone due to the inconvenience of not even having the option to buy it and effectively smuggling to get our swords. :stuck_out_tongue: