No USA option for ordering Physical PC Copy

Been trying to order the Day One Edition of Conan Exiles for PC in the Funcom Online Store but the only Countries it allows me to choose from are:

There is no USA listed as an option for Ordering the Day One Edition of Conan Exiles for PC.

However, there is a USA listed on the Physical Day One Edition for Xbox and PS4 options but I do not want the game for Xbox or PS4 I would like a hard copy for PC.

Is this just an oversight? can anyone from Funcom reply hastily and help direct me as to how I can order the game for PC or is there a phone number where I can call and order that way?

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Hi Grave_Darkheart, I’m sorry for the confusion. The PC version of Conan Exiles will not be receiving a physical distribution in the US, which is why the option isn’t available in the drop-down menu. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

The digital version can still be purchased at any time, worldwide, by either selecting this option on our website or directly through Steam. I hope this information helps.

How am I able to receive Conan’s Atlantean Sword code if I cant order the retailer physical PC copy?
It says in your online store:

Pre-order the physical RETAIL Day One Edition and receive a print map of the Exiled Lands as well as the CONAN’S ATLANTEAN SWORD in-game item at launch. This is the iconic sword Conan wielded in many a bloody battle. The RETAIL version will be available on May 8th, 2018.

How can I get these?

I already own the Early Access from Steam.

Check out this thread. One of the posts gives you a solution that will work.

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Well Ordered it from Germany hopefully things work out…
I think it really blows that Funcom will sell Xbox and PS4 copies but not PC I hate not having a physical Copy the only game I have from digital download is Conan Exiles Early Access that was only so i could play the game a year ago…

I think Funcom should have just given the people who bought early access on steam the Atlantean Sword as well and not limit it to a physical copy knowing that they had no intention of releasing it in areas like USA Australia and the UK…

Bad form Funcom.

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