Day One Retail for PC still not available for order in US

Is the Day One Retail edition going to be made available on the PC in the States? It can be ordered in a few European countries, but still no sign of being available for most of the world.

What are PC-users in the States (and rest of the Americas, UK, Asia, etc) meant to do if we want the Day One version?

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I was going to ask the same thing about the LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION. I noticed that it has been listed in the EU countries, but still not listed for the US. What gives? I was really hoping to pre-order it.

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East coast pre orders available at GameStop I don’t know if that helps.IMG_1451

Its ONLY available at Gamestop

Ok, I’m looking at this thread. I already have purchased the preview version on Xbox, did it a month ago. I’m doing paying, right?

You own the game, so you do not need to buy it again. If you want the Collector’s Edition or the Day 1 (physical disc) version, you’ll need to buy a new copy.

Gamestop are selling the PS4 and Xbox versions. I’m asking about the PC version.


Same here. I am looking for the PC version Collectors Edition.

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Same here. Any pre-order PC version.

When I checked GameStop online for the XBox pre-order, it states that it is NOT AVAILABLE and does not even give an option to pre-order for the XBox at this time. That goes for the PS4 too. I checked just out of curiosity.

Sorry @sillybrit, I’ll get back on track immediately. @Valkyrja, I was about to purchase two copies each of Day 1 and Collector’s for the PS4, when the Collector’s Editions were stripped out of my cart at GameStop. I’ve mentioned it before, in a PS4 thread, so I doubt you saw it.

Does anyone know who the retail partner for the PC version will be? I’m looking to buy several copies of both PC pre-orders.

I am upset about this as I want the collectors edition for PC! Ugh,but they keep just spewing “our retailers havent listed it”… No one has,its impossible to get,I believe they may have forgotten us?

It is very frustrating. At this point I am willing to buy PC or Xbox Collector’s Edition, but cannot find either.

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@Barnes - I did see your response. Thanks for the update. I am still looking online at this moment for ANY vendors. I was tempted to order from Europe, but was not sure if the material would arrive in English or the native language of the country of origin in Europe.

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@Valkyrja re XBOX: I was just at GameStop, and ordered three copies for the PS4. Two Day 1 and 1 Collector’s Edition. Their system would not let me reserve more than one Collector’s Edition per day, and their manager said the shop would call me once Collector’s is moved to “available” status. It is worth it to go to your retailer, especially if you have a relationship.

It seems there will be no PC Collectors Edition in the US based on a post by a dev and community moderator in another thread.

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Really?? What are we supposed to do :frowning:

Pretty sure we need to mob GameStop.

Thanks for answering!

I ordered an XBOX - DAY ONE - PHYSICAL copy from Amazon and spoke with GameStop. I am able to place a pre-order for XBOX - COLLECTOR’S EDITION in person at the store.

I cannot find a DAY ONE or COLLECTOR’S EDITION for the PC anywhere! That really gets my loincloth in a bunch!

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