PC USA Release of Collector's Edition?

How can I order the physical PC release edition of Conan Exiles Collector’s Edition?

I Live in the USA and there is no option to buy that edition.

I do not have an xbox or ps4.

Do I just need to wait?


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Can’t get it on PS4 either, I’m guessing it sold out. I had it in my cart at GameStop (with 2 copies of the Day 1 Edition) and by the time I clicked purchase, it was stripped out of my cart. When it does go on sale, make sure you get it quickly.

I also want Collector’s Edition on/for the PC.

Same boat theres no retailer in the US that has physical pre-order for PC. Not very fair to have a unique collectible item locked behind something that an entire platform can’t get in a country. Can an official give us some help here? We’re obviously willing to give you money

I feel really abandoned here for PC,I have sent them a ticket as I am very concerned they may forget the PC version for us in the USA at this point with less than a month left.

I really, really wanted to order the CE to put it next to my AoC CE but I live in China now and I did not see international shipping option for China on the website. I’m so very sad…

Nevertira let us know what happens with the ticket.

Hey all, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, it appears that there is no PC Collector’s Edition for the US as we are not releasing PC retail there. It is available for the US on PS4 and Xbox. I apologize for that. :frowning:

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Can I buy it for xbox or ps4 and use the code to play on PC instead? Or that is not possible?

Are we able to buy it from proxy and still use the Code if its say a UK edition of the PC collectors? or the German edition?

Thank you for that bad news Nicole. I realize that it’s not your fault, but unfortunately that has just lost a sale. I had intended to buy day one for PC, but apparently not now.

As a suggestion that is probably a forlorn hope, would it not be possible to release the Atlantean Sword as a DLC on Steam? I’d settle with paying $10-$15 for the sword alone.

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I would get it as DLC on Steam if it was an option frankly speaking.

For what it is worth, they could remove the t-shirt from the Barbarian Collection and put the sword in it and rename it the Exile Collection and have everything digital. The reason I did not get the Barbarian Collection was that of the physical mailing address issue.

I would LOVE the Barbarian Collection modified with the sword and all the other digital swag on Steam!

I want to know if we order say,The UK version but we live int he USA can we still use the sword code?

I am not even so interested in the digital stuff, but more the physical map, statue, comic, art book and soundtrack CDs.

Honestly, how is it even possible that such a large portion of the gaming community has been excluded?

I am not upset with the messenger, but you can damn well be assured that my blood is rather boiling over the message. Oh, wait. I suppose I can get those things by purchasing the PS4 collector’s edition. However, my general love for the Conan Exiles enterprise has still diminished quite a bit with the news of this travesty of poor decision making.

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I asked about this and it looks like there will not be an English version of the Collectors Edition for the PC. So, yes they are aware of this. I am not sure if this will change, but the word I got is that it will not.


Very well. My thanks for the reply, Cattibria.

Can I buy it for xbox or ps4 and use the code to play on PC instead?

This is not possible. Each key is specific to the platform, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

Here’s a summation of all the information:

I was told you can buy the collectors edition and still use the code here in the USA. As there is no region lock,I am going to do this but are any of the options in English? Like the comics?

The various parts, such as the comic, are in English, yes.

Thank you so much! Been trying to get this info awhile.