Day One Edition P.C. for the U.S

I have been searching for the Day One Edition for P.C. on Steam and just general Internet searches and all I have found are for consoles through the broad internet searches and nothing but Barbarian Edition through Steam…any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Purchase the DIGITAL Standard Edition and the receive CONAN’S ROYAL ARMOR in-game item at launch. Conan became King of Aquilonia in his later years and this was the armor he wore when defending his kingdom. Purchasing the DIGITAL version on PC or Xbox One gives you instant access to Early Access/Game Preview. The PlayStation 4 version can be pre-ordered later and will be available on May 8th, 2018.


Pre-order the physical RETAIL Day One Edition and receive a print map of the Exiled Lands as well as the CONAN’S ATLANTEAN SWORD in-game item at launch. This is the iconic sword Conan wielded in many a bloody battle. The RETAIL version will be available on May 8th, 2018.

I actualy need some help with this too. I’m in the USA and want to pre-order the physical edition of the game for the conan sword but every retailer I look at only offers PS4 and Xbox1. There must be a way for PC users to get the sword

So far they have left US PC users in the dark,no news on getting it. I want the PC collectors edition but no help so far…

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Wow! So nice… I did not know about the sword bonus.

Just now way for us to GET said sword bonus

I found a picture of the sword…

If you order the Collector Edition it is included in it.

Nicole, the Community Manager, said that the PC Collectors/PC retail editions won’t be released in the US; instead it’ll just be available for consoles. See this thread: PC USA Release of Collector’s Edition?

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Okay but what if we ordered the UK version of the PC collectors edition?? Can us people int he USA still use the codes in it?

Not for the USA it is not.

I am very disheartened by this news as I stated in the other, similar thread.

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