The Conan Exiles Day One Edition CD Key

So i was planning on buying conan and noticed there’s 2 versions of the game when i tried to buy from a third party website, since i have limited money and prefer to buy from a cheaper source other than steam. So what’s the difference between Day one Edition and normal one?

In some websites the day one edition is cheaper

So, to sum up:

  • Everyone who buys, or has bought, Conan Exiles through Steam Early Access , Xbox Game Preview and PS4 digital pre-order will get Conan’s Royal Armor

  • Everyone who buys the Day 1 edition (or pre-orders it) will get a code for Conan’s Atlantean Sword inside the game box. This code will unlock the item on their chosen platform. It is possible to buy an extra copy of the game and have both the sword and the armor in the same game.

  • Retail boxes after the Day 1 edition will NOT have a code in the box



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Day one is more likely the hard disk copy…
The other is more likely digital copy…
Hope this helps. :thinking:

When, cause I don’t have it and played preview for some time on Xbone