Day One Edition

sorry for my bad English.
I’m feeling crazy, on 08.05.2018 the game Conan exiles was released, and there is also a Day One Edition. What I do not understand is that I had bought Conan Exiles on 04/02/2017 and have not got a Day One now although I bought a Pre day 390 edition. So what’s that supposed to do, I’m seriously going to spend money again, although I did it before the game was released

Anyone who played in early access or beta, whichever you call it has the game. For playing in the game you get Conans Royal Armor set, as a reward.

The Day 1 edition is the same game, meant for those that didn’t buy into the early access. Those copies cannot get the armor but can make Conan’s Atlantean Sword.

In order to be able to make both items you need both copies of the game, the early access and the day 1 edition…which means buying two copies should you choose to.

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