RETAIL DAY ONE EDITION (DIGITAL - PC) - Confused on what to select to purchase

I want to buy the RETAIL DAY ONE EDITION (DIGITAL - PC). I am confused, which one or ones do I need to order?


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I don’t think any of these. The retail versions are the ones sold in stores.

Got it. I will check with GameStop about pre-order for PC version.

Go to this site. The PC version is not available in English speaking nations.

Check out this thread for information about the English PC version.

This thread has information on how to get one that you may find useful.

None of them Day one edition is something released on day one afaik.

Barbarian edition is a special edition of the Early Access game offered for people to support the developers in exchange for some digital bonuses and a t-shirt. None of these are the retail game, nor feature any collector’s or day-one bonuses aside from Conan’s Armor which is given to all Early Access players.

If you DO purchase this version, you won’t have to re-purchase on the 8th so there is no need to fret over being stuck with an unusable product, however you forego the bonuses unless you buy an additional retail copy.

Wait what. Are you saying if you have normalEA version you have to re-purchase on May 8?

Only if you want the feat for the Atlantean sword. However it is mainly for looks/display as it is replaced at level 31 and anyone who has the feat can craft one for you.

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Thank you for the clarification

I was at the site. I AM NOT looking for the PHYSICAL COPY OF THE COLLECTOR EDITION.

I am looking for the DAY ONE RETAIL - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD from STEAM.

I do not own any PC version at this time. I really do not care about the Atlantean Sword, but would be interested in the items provided in the BARBARIAN EDITION.

I just want to make sure that all that I need to order is the BARBARIAN EDITION, if that is all I need to order to have the complete game (and goodies).

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

If you live in an English speaking nation, U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand… The physical PC version is not available. I am not sure if it will be offered on Steam prior to the release date. What you can purchase through Steam right now is the Early Access version which will be patched to the release version on May 8th. To get the Sword, you will need to get a physical copy. The digital version will give you the Armor.

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