No Pre order sword for USA PC players?

So the site says digital pre orders get conans armor and physical get conans sword. Theres no option to buy a physical copy of the game for PC in the USA. I also think it’s really unfair for the people who tested this game to get screwed by not having a physical copy of the game. Seriously it’s kind of stupid i need to buy the game twice even if it was possible to get both pre order items.

Check out this thread. One of the posts will give you a solution.

That’s really lame. GameStop doesn’t have physical copies so I’d have to buy it from Europe…why is it even separated?

The ratings system here in the U.S. is the issue. To get the rating to get it on consoles the opted not to have a PC version in the States. From what I have seen from Funcom, the localized versions have all the extra goodies in English.

Rating is not the issue, Age of Conan has the same ratings same nudity and violence and I bought Age of Conan from Gamestop…

the issue is ever since Steam got popular everyone just downloads games through steam instead of going to the store and buying a hard copy out of laziness. Why drive a couple miles to go into a store and look for a game then go stand in line for a few minutes to pay for the game and then have to drive all the way home when all you have to do now is just hit download from steam…

Physical copy sales are so low it’s not profitable to sell them to the USA, why would Funcom waste money to ship CD’s to the USA when too many dummies choose to spend the same amount of money on downloading a digital version game from steam that they would spend buying a hard copy CD.

I hate steam, I prefer having a hard copy CD/DVD disk of the games I buy, cause it just might happen that steam goes belly up and closes down and every game that was bought through them is gone and people are out of all that money they spent.