Isle of Siptah DLC purchase

Don’t kill me, but I have a pretty n00b question:
I have the complete edition, steam says it includes the Isle of Siptah DLC, but if I want to purchase it, I have to pay 19.99$. WHY? And the game says after the update I have to get the DLC first to play it. And if I manage to get it, do I have to download the sixtysomething Gbs again? It took me a week and a couple of restarts/reinstalls to download the update. I hate steam it’s so confusing to me and honestly I hate these game (stores and) launchers.

Sorry for my stupidity, I can’t even count to three in these days, I’m sick AF.

When did you buy the Complete Edition?

If you bought it after the Isle of SIptah was released, it’s best to contact Steam Support. If you bought it sometime in the past, than the Complete Edition did not come with the Isle of Siptah at the time.

Megvásárolva (purchased): 2019. jún (june). 29., 7:26

Conan Exiles - Complete Edition - 49,99€

So does this mean older purchases don’t and will not include the new DLC for free?

Complete Editions, just like other packs on the Steam store come with what they say they do at the time of purchase. Since the expansion wasn’t even announced on June 29th, it will not include the expansion. But I’m not a Funcom employee or Steam representative, if you want full confirmation of that, I suggest contacting Steam support.

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Generally speaking, Complete Editions come “complete” at the time of releasing and do not include future releases unless otherwise noted. The problem is, when new DLCs are released, they’re added to the Complete Edition from that point onwards, so it can be difficult to ascertain which DLCs your Complete Edition included at the time of purchasing.

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If you have an item, that wont prevent you from buying it again, because you might want to gift it to someone.

You have to see if the game itself does not recognize it.

Steam will have an “You own this” in blue, and the game will allow you to play the Isle of Siptah.

Again, that will not prevent you from buying it again. Gotta pay attention to that.

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