DLC is not working

I hope someone can help me, I’m new here. To get to the point I bought the Collectors Edition a week after Isle of Siptah was released and when i wanted to play on the new map i get a pop up that says i do not own the DLC and i need to purchase it which i already have. It shows in Steam that its in my library. Has anyone else had this problem before?

I don’t think that there is any collector edition being sold on steam. There is a complete edition:


Where did you buy that collector edition from?

In addition, when you go to the DLC tab, do you see the Siptah DLC? Is it installed?


Yes sorry it was the Conan Exiles - Isle of Siptah Edition I bought it in Steam its got the base game and the new expansion. and it shows that it is installed in the DLC Tab.

Try restarting steam.

I have, and I’ve even validated the files.

Can you post a screenshot of your DLC page? In addition, does it work in Single Player?

I can’t post a screenshot I’m too new. all it has is the Expansion Isle of Siptah and the exclusive early access War-torn Rhino. I do not have any of the other DLCs for Conan Exiles.

I really appreciate you helping Narelle

Its not working on Single player. I haven’t tried online or co op only single player.

Are you using an offline mod? Because if you do, you won’t have access to your DLCs. You can only use them after connecting to Funcom Live Services (online).


I have no mods. how do connect to the Funcom Live services?

When you start the game from steam (make sure steam is not in offline mode). You will get this pop-up:

After your game copy and your DLCs are successfully verified, you will be able to proceed and pick singleplayer/co-op. When you press new game, you will be able to select which map you want to play (provided that you own the Siptah MAP DLC):

What game version are you running? You can find it in the bottom right corner of your main menu: Revision #xxxx. Is your game fully updated?

Yes my game was recently updated. And as your pictures i see all of those screens and the pop up of logging in. when i select The Isle of Siptah in Singleplayer/Co-op menu and click play i get a pop up that, say “Purchase DLC - You do not own the DLC required to play on The Isle of Siptah” the it takes me to Steam to buy it. But i already have, is there away to validate the purchase some how?

Revision (#246825/26488)

Your version is ok. I don’t know what else to tell you, I am sorry. Maybe remove the tick from the Siptah DLC, verify the files, restart steam and put the tick back to the DLC.

BTW, what is your region?

I’m based in South Africa so i would say EU server would be closer to me.

I meant your steam’s store region:

Hold on, can you check something for me? Go to your library, right click on conan exiles - properties and then check this field (set launch options …):


Does it have anything in there? Something like -nosteam?

South Africa

It is blank

Can you send me in a DM message your ConanSandbox.log which you can find in: \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs

Alternatively, you can wait and see if Funcom can offer any support.

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