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First of all, I do own Conan Exiles. I purchased the game long ago when it was released. I played it for a few hours then IRL stuff happened and never played it again.

Here’s my question: I see on steam that there’s now many many different DLC + the new Isle of Sipath one. Do I need to have the other DLC to play Isle of Sipath or is it just something else? Will I miss something or is it totally independant?

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To play the Isle of Siptah, you need the base game and the Isle of Siptah expansion.

All the other DLCs are optional and cosmetic. They introduce new building pieces, armors, weapons, decorations and pet skins, and they can be used both in Exiled Lands and on Isle of Siptah.

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I may not be the best person to answer your question since I am a console player and thus can’t access simp-ta yet but all the other dlc is cosmetic and stand alone. It is just armor and weapons that are all equal to what already exists as well as building pieces and decorations etc. you shouldn’t need them to play the new map only siptah I would think. Ps: it comes with really good light armor to help you out on the map and the game has changed a ton so be ready for a very different experience.

So it’s just cosmetic. That’s all I wanted to know, thanks :slight_smile:

I have a few days off to test the new DLC Isle of Siptah then.

Thanks a l lot!!

Edit: Or just wait for a 60GB update lol

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