Little doubt about DLC

Well, I’m new to Conan, and I was wondering if there is any dlc that is “necessary” or are they all just focused on skins and decorations?

Like, are there any that bring stronger weapons, better armor, mounts, new maps or more history?

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If you play PVP, the Isle of Siptah is pretty much necessary. The rest of the DLCs were deliberately designed to be merely cosmetic, although I keep hearing that there are some items in some of the DLCs that give you a minor advantage.

But Siptah is a must-have, because of OP gear and server transfers.


So functionally only and not taking into consideration aesthetics…

Siptah…way too much in there not to get it and the goods in there are just primo. You need to figure out how to transfer them into the other map but that’s fairly easy to do.

The derketo pack because it provides you with a potential +3 Encumb shirt and a +3 Encumb pants that can be used to make a +23 encumberance outfit.

The rest have normal game stuff to them as well but those two above have special things outside of the normal.


If “history” is building with Argos marble, or old style brick and mortar, then yes. Other than the OP weapons and armor on IoS, Which is pay to win, since you can take them to CE, than no.


I’m on a group of servers which are using the “Amunets Server transfer” mod. That makes it soooo sweet! In about 15 seconds transfer from map to map with no limitations as often as you like! It essentially joins the maps as one. In my use case that’s between Exiled Lands, Siptah, and Savage Winds.

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The Remnant’s Armor set from Siptah can also make +3 encumbrance chest and legs.


Welcome to the game and to the forums!

My advice:

  • Continue to use the forums. The community is really friendly and helpful.
  • Play on the Exiled Lands (the base game) until you’ve done the main quest/story line and explored it from top to bottom.
  • Buy a DLC if you’re into building and want the building skins from that. Same goes for armor. The DLCs tend not to give any more powerful items. Some things have a nuance to them that some min maxing players like, especially the PvP crowd. But on a grand scale, it’s all “just” cosmetic. And in PvP, one will get stomped by more experienced players anyhow, regardless of who has what DLC - as in any game.
  • If you play single player PvE, I also recommend mods. If you don’t play single player PvE, I recommend single player PvE so that you can use mods - and the mods you like.
  • If you liked the Exiled Land, try Isle of Siptah. It’s a very different take on the game with some new mechanics and a very different map. Either transfer your existing character there or start fresh - both are good experiences.
  • You can also try out the Savage Wilds. That’s a mod that adds a completely new map, similar in scope, detail and structure to the base game. It’s free.

Don’t want to derail, but I just want to point out that this is controversial. Some of the Isle of Siptah gear not only is far, far stronger, it also grants far larger bonuses or nullifies certain attacks, e.g. poison. I’m not alone in saying that in a straight up fight, a less experienced player with Siptah gear has the advantage over a more experienced player without it.


You only “need” the siptah dlc in pvp when you want to play official servers which I not recommend at all for new people since they will encounter the worst kind of players there. In other words, play private and safe yourself the time of disappointment.

The rest is up to your liking. Most dlc´s offer you a new set of different looking building pieces and new decor, which are a nice to have if you like building. Some offer weapons that come with two versions an under level 60 version and a starmetal version for level 60. Non of them are op or really needed but a nice to have. Most dlc´s also come with a new set of armor, each offer a light, middle and heavy version of the same style as the dlc.

It all burnes down to preferences and taste. If you like medieval buildings I recommend the “people of the dragon pack”. The “debaucheries of derketo” pack brings you new stuff for tree building which is nice too have if you love building tree bases.

All in all I would recommend if your new that you will try out Exiled Lands Map first in PVE or PVE-C mode, since it will provide you with a better experience then PVP. PVP is brutal in this game for newbies. Better learn the ropes of the game before you join it.

If you are on Pc using mods later on is also a great option. The mod community in Conan is big and beautiful.

If you decide to purchase several dlc´s I recommend waiting for the summer sale. If you are from europe you can buy steamkeys for the dlc much cheaper at

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I think I will point out that all Siptah gear that is not Slaveforged (the crafted set obtained from purchasing the DLC) is available to those who have not purchased Siptah through the admin panel. And many custom maps such as Savage Wilds gives opportunities to obtain either the gear itself or the recipes as well. Running mods like Pippi also allow server admins to make many of the gear and recipes available from any means they wish to implement.

Paying to win, and requiring server transfers is only an official server thing. Does not apply to private servers nor singleplayer.


Lol…how very gated community of you. The fact of the matter is that private games are a crapshoot for noobs as well. They don’t even know what style they want to play yet and putting them in with with a server that has its own rules and etiquette that may be counter to how they want to play is equally damaging. We aren’t even go into admin and other player bias are a very real concern…I know, not your server but you can’t say that for the countless others…so this new player has to bounce from server to server to find the right game and people in it.

Play officials to figure out what you want. If you want to go away from that, at least you’ll understand what precisely you are looking for in a private game.


If you would have read my comment fully you would have noticed that I said, I recomment playing pve and pve-c first before going onto any pvp servers.

I never said that pvp on privates is better. In fact I stated in another post of mine where you where also present in the past that I think privat pvp servers are suffering a lot under admin abuse which makes them not better then officials.

But the fact remains, that at least on privates you have the chance to find a server with a good admin which will take your reports to heart and check the situations or clans that get reported and solve it quickly. On most server you will not get banned immediatly for building violations. The admin will give you time to remove what is against the rules and the case is done. If you get wrongfully raided during the so called “rp” days, many server offer nowadays, you will get loot and building materials back and the clan who did it will be punished. On officials raid is raid, there are no rules. There is rarely kindness or understanding, just clans hoping from server to server, bodyvaulting, duping, exploiting and runing scripts. As a newbie you can´t even build in the starter area on officials without loosing it all and that is a fact. But a lot of privates make sure that new players get extra protection for a while so their first experience in Conan will not be as bad as on officials, where nobody really cares. Where your report can take severall weeks if not month to get through zendesk. Until then you do not need help anymore, because you already quitted the game.

But no matter if privates or officials pvp in my eyes is no place for fresh starters. If Pve is not your thing then start out on a Pve-c. This way you may loose your gear or thrall but not your base. Learn to fight, build and survive in Conan and then try pure Pvp if your heart beats in that direction.

I have helped a lot of new players over the years that wanted to quit after joining pvp first. Some of them I am still in contact with and they are happily playing on Pve or Pve-c servers now where they believe they belong because they have found their home. Without my help, they would have never experienced a more positive side of the game which would have been a real shame. But people that are kind an helpfull on pur pvp servers are rare. I am thankful for everyone that is helping new people finding their playstyle, even if it is just with a simple advise.


My experience was totally different. I tried exactly what you did and found the PvE servers urban sprawled with very little room to build bases and when you did, you got walled off and it was PvP servers that actually had people talking and taking care of eachother…but that was back in the wild west days and PvE were just horid junk yards and PvE-C servers were the most unstable things since Windows ME.


Welcome to the Forum. What are you playing on console or pc. Pvp pve-c or pve? Like every one has mentioned All the DLC,s are cosmetic other than Siptah .


Thank you very much for the replies, I’m glad to see that a game I’m loving has a good and active community on the forum. So speaking a little more about my situation, at the moment I’m playing solo pve, and I believe it will be like that for a long time. As I understand it, I could be wrong, but is siptah’s DLC more focused for pvp folks?

And another thing, about mods, could someone talk more about them? Like which would be the most fun and useful for singleplayer?

Back to talking about DLC, when I got the game, I also bought the Savage Frontier, because I heard that would be the best option, anyway, is there any other that would be cool? Now it can refer to the skin, which one has the best armor set and the most amount of new buildings and decorations?

Finally, thank you all.


Oh, in that case, get all of the DLCs :grin:

I’m only half-joking. If you’re into building and decorating, then the DLCs are a treasure trove.

Since I’m at work, I’ll leave the full breakdown of different DLCs to someone else :wink:



I mean to me, mostly about looks. I liked Khitan goodies. 20fiber cost lanterns work great, Table and Bench are nice.
Was also one of my go to’s for Cold Armor to get into North early.
Love Foundation/Ceiling Piece for a Flooring under Fire Pits and such.

Stables, has some great low cut wall (lattice and stable wall) for good window use in SP. Thou 3rd option has pillars attached, still offer zero stability. Need abit of work around.
Love Foundation Wall design. It Fits around almost all of other designs.

Aquliion has my all time fave Light Armor Design.

I keep forgetting I don’t have my ps4 screen caps… so…ya

Really wish I knew how to mod… I’d love a shirt version of chest piece…

Also love one chair… nice lawn chair. XD I don’t use build pieces much.
Love Arena for Stairs and gate set. works great for sewer/dungeon/prison basement. Or pool.

I can’t speak for Nemedan… I own it on Ps4… and… like a fool made move to PC not soon after buying that and Spitah finally… Which I have basically never used. >_>

Have yet to have urge for Argos stuff.

Derkito… I mean… sexy time armor and Tree Foundation is worth it alone.

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Aint siptah also under ““DLC”” category?

If so then i think answer would be like every DLC so far is like for building as decorations, but the DLC ''isle of siptah"" is like official new map with ‘‘new’’ monsters and way to play so that is DLC that u may want to try after u finish exile lands :slight_smile:

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oh sorry did not saw @sestus2009 answer :smiley: - i agree to him

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As it has already been mentioned, Siptah is the only DLC that actually represents a significant power spike.

This one remembers days gone by when temperature mattered more and armour insulation was very different. In those cases, a specific DLC could be a marked advantage for getting the right clothes to survive and have the stats one wants.
Not to wax nostalgic, that system had some severe problems as well.
This one froze to death in the temperate river area for wearing high end armour from Aquilon.

In the DLCs there are a couple hard to get weight/stat bonus gear sets… But it’s ultimately trivial (other than the Vault gear from Siptah).
There are also a few build pieces that are a little trickier to set explosives on. But only barely.

Speaking of build pieces, not all DLCs are made equal. Some are notoriously short on build pieces and placeables. Some omit certain build pieces leaving one having to create a janky patchwork if they want sloped rooftops or gables.

For the Builder, People of the Dragon has the most developed build options. Siptah and Argos also make very significant additions.
Jewel of the West and Treasures of Turan are complete DLC sets, but existed before the vaulted roofs.
Likewise Imperial East, however, it had numerous included items that exist in the dev kit that have just been ripped out. So this one considers it deliberately devalued.
Every other DLC is in some way incomplete, either lacking placeables, significant numbers of build pieces, fence foundations, or are otherwise obviously missing parts. Sometimes they make up for it by offering something else. (Seekers of Dawn and Savage Frontier offer animal fodder rather than placeables. Your mileage may vary on whether you consider it a fair trade.)
Special mention for Riddle of Steel which brings extremely little to the game. A couple of helms and some statues. Hard skip unless one really wants to express their appreciation for the Arnold Conan movie through lawn ornaments.

TLDR; Everything other than Siptah is mostly cosmetic, and not all succeed equally even in that regard.

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Really, what was removed from it? I had this one on xbox but haven’t bought it again since moving to PS.

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