I want to play conan again...maybe


I got Conan exile the original game and was thinking on starting over on a pve server

What server is best EU and does it reset after ect 30 days or so ?
Do i need to buy all the DLC and expansions to play on same servers ?

Or what do i need to buy before i can play on the newest and best servers ?

Some info please

Official Servers don’t wipe. I don’t know which one is the best, I don’t play on official servers. If you want to play on the new map Isle of Siptah, you need Isle of Siptah DLC. No other DLCs are required. For the old map Exiled Lands, you don’t need to buy any DLCs. You will have access to the full content with the base game only but only 1 map (Exiled Lands).


So there is 2 maps now…do they chain together like i can travel to siptah from the orginal map or is that a new map world server for it self ?

They are not linked and there are no map transfers for the time being.

People seems to dislike the new expansion on steam

It´s focused on PVP and still in EA, as a PVE player I found it got old pretty fast, I see how it could be fun for people who like PVP though. Also consider the file size, the Siptah DLC is 27GB, that´s almost half the size of the base game.

haha for real !

The thing is i like conan exile games where you can build and progress and live ur second life :smiley:But i got sick of the pvp…cuz i mainly played alone then i was a easy target for pvp and to steal my stuff,so i think i want to start in a pve server…any suggestions for EU server to start a new life ?

I only play on modded servers, mainly on my own, which is currently private and just for 10 players, if you want to play on a larger one, UK/EU AoC server has lots nice people but is quite laggy lately (since it hasn´t been wiped in over 2 years which is an achievement in itself though :P)

you mean ther own servers ?

Not sure what you´re asking.

You can use this site to find servers, might be a bad moment atm, since a lot of them seem to still be down after the update 2 days ago…

I tryed to seach eu servers in game but showed 500 out of 1000xx …how do i see the rest ?
i barly see any online players on that site

well i don’t know for pve servers , but he is speaking of private servers ( wich can be moded AOC is a mod called age of calamitous ) those aren’t officials , if you seek a good official server the best is to connect to a few and ask around in global chat , how is the server you can filter also by only official to show in the list and select via your ping , and population online , it depends on what you seek :wink:

I play single player, occasionally co-op and enjoy my time. Siptah isnt the most immersive single player wise as there aren’t many Human NPC’s to deal with outside of the surge mechanic.

That said, it also gives the island a bit of the quality of games like “Myst” where you’re exploring a lonely landscape, which is also really cool.

SO I’d say its a bit mixed, but I’m hopeful they will add both more landmass and Human NPC’s (both friend and foe) to the mix. (But then I’d be so much more happy if CE was a dedicated single player and co-op game, so I speak with a bias lol)

I tryed the game again and remembered the reason why i quit it…damm you amnesia :smiley:

I like the game concept and the world but the game engine seems to clumsy and clunky to move around and fight in…i feel like im skating around with soap under my feet…like they just washed the floors in oil.

Then all these things you can choose and craft that you have no clue what are for or makes any sence to use at all…like a tv serie with endless fillers just to have 1000 ep.

Also only the strongest clans wins in this game that also has the best location…so if a clan with 15 people lives in the “Dragonian mountain hills” with several monsters for guardians and nukes to melt the whole map…how can me and my 3 man clan ever win this fight…i call it unfair.

Beside these things then the game is ok i guess but just not for me… a shame tho

you are going to run into issues like you mentioned in every single survival game out currently if pvp is your thing. Almost every server has mega tribes/clans that dominate. Undermeshing issues prevail in all games also. You picked a bad time to want to play anyways as they just released a very rushed patch that is not only buggy but not at all friendly to any new players missing complete descriptions on somethings and recipes on others. I agree with you the movement and jankiness is not fun but the combo system is good considering no other survival game has this sort of combat system, its all just boring gun play or chop chop chop stab…

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I guess ur right and im not here to argue or point fingers.
Im just happy to hear that im not alone to dislike the jankiness movement in this game.

i played conan in the start and and left and heard about this patch but now i dont understand
anything in this game anymore…

I want to like the game but in this state i cant…also when i seach for EU servers i only get few german ones with +20 players or ther own potato servers with +10-15 players.

Where are the +50 player servers…also i dislike servers with 3x speed so when you pick a stone up, then ur lvl 40 allready i want to enjoy a game rather than rush it.

I tryed to join the void server and found some starter players and joined a small clan but then i was gona set my attributes and feats and i got lost…and all the random things i had looted within 10 mins and not could use half of it was annyoing to me…it was to messy for me to get in to as you say “not friendly at all”

i could not see head or tail in it…but im sure the server is good…just to speedy for me

this is actually the kind of post right here that funcom needs to read and listen to for honest feedback from a new player and what some of us have tried to express here.

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Typic devs…they never listen to one or two guy that has a real problem with the game or wants to help out with suggestion or feedback, but if a big streamer or a whole group says " we need baitlessfish traps" then that will be changed asap

dlc only affects you, and causes lag lol