I want to play conan again...maybe

If by jankiness of movement you mean that sense of things moving a bit right and left when they move i understand it and I am not here to argue that , in another hand , ones of the things I like the most about conan exiles is this ability to climb and explore every part of the terrain , ok it feels a little like someone put soap on the ground sometimes , but the way you can move around is quite incredible ( I’m thinking in terms of multiplayer games that won’t let you jump high and walk over a little stone in your path like PUBG , even TESO or ark don’t have this "freedom of movement " . )

and for the lost in all there is to craft ( the last update put several new benches to separate all the receipes for better vision so it might be going in the good way for the future if not for the bug it has introduced ) , well yes there are tons of things to craft and there is no clear explanation , but if you want to spoil yourself there are a lot of videos on youtube and gamepedia wiki if you more of a text person , as it’s an Exploration survival sandbox game the task is on you to find out most of things ( but I get that making things a bit easier to understand would retain more players since it’s not always intuitive without following a youtube guide and spoil yourself the exploration hence some players won’t look up for it since the game is already hard by itself with all those things trying to kill you )

I’m not playing on pvp servers but pve-c but yeah officials server host a max of 40 players at the same time at the moment .

for the 3x , wasn’t the rates of pvp officials aligned recently with the pve/pve-c servers ? I may be wrong but i think it’s now the case on officials

anyway I know that’s only my point of view and won’t change yours , maybe i played CE so long that i don’t have this fresh new player vision to it and adapted to walking on soap :wink: , thank you anyway for posting your experience feedback and hope it will at least contribute to future and better updates

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