What's your favorite way to play Conan Exiles?

Greetings everybody!

On this week’s discussion we were wondering what’s your favorite way to play Conan Exiles.
We’ve seen in our community that everybody has their preferred way to enjoy the game, it being single player or online, private server or on official servers. PVE or PVP! The choice is yours and we’d love to hear about it, so let’s get started with the polls! (make sure to vote any that applies to you!)

Single player, or online?

  • Single-Player/Coop
  • Private server (Online)
  • Official server (Online)

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What mode do you usually play or prefer?

  • Player Versus Environment (PVE)
  • PVE-Conflict
  • Player Versus Player (PVP)

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There’s only so much you can convey with a poll, though, and we’d love to hear more about your particular choice in the comments! Do you like PVE in a chill server with only a handful of players around building a cozy community, or do you love ruthless PVP in a server as crowded as possible?

Let us know down below!


RP-PVP here, not fond of “official”-meta shenanigans


What’s your favorite way to play Conan Exiles?

Build, climb and sometimes fight monsters :star_struck:

Poll: Single-Player/Coop + Player Versus Environment (PVE)


Great topic!

I Love pve-c.
Too lonely for me to play singleplayer.
Too harsh for me to play pvp because I like keeping my builds… within reason.

Pve-c also allows scavenging whereas pve does not. I love scavenging. I love turning sleeping players armor pink… etc.

I like official servers over private. Private servers vanish and are unreliable for the long term. (Though there are exceptions) and some get too mod heavy.

I love some of the mods out there (faster elevators and pickup). Most private servers have the same “quality of life” mods used over and over. These are features that should be looked at to be added in some form to the base game.


I run my own server pve server love the ability to have mods and to play the way i wish to play. I remember in EA when all we had was pvp and getting my first base completely destroyed… sucked badly. So i was glad when pve servers were released. Something i think should be brought back would be the pvp-blitz servers. Quick leveling and wipes every month or two can’t remember the exact setup they were but if we had something like that i might go back to pvp as it starts everyone on even ground and i think would be a more competitive pvp server. Overall though pve is my go to so i can play at my leisure and not worry about my bases not being there when i log on

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PVE-C for me. I also prefer my PS4 version to my PC version as Conan is a game I like playing in my recliner. I save the more formal office setting for my PC flight Sims.

I play Conan as an open world builder as all notions of surviving the elements vanish as soon as you kill your first bunny.

PVE-C is my choice because I don’t want to lose all the hours of work in a single raid, but I like some risk to all the rewards. Keeping your head on a swivel during PvP hours is just spicy enough for me.

I have been playing on Official 3827 since release and currently am on my 3rd iteration (twice now I have let everything decay).

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I want PvP but I get PvMe.


RP-PVP server here. Enriches the world and game more in my opinion.

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PVP Official. Would love to play on more privates for consoles, but 99% have harvest rates at 10x,24/7 raids with no real to control offline raiding, and insta craft.

Private roleplayer servers.

I’m a storyteller, and see Conan Exiles as a fantastic backdrop to telling some creative stories alongside other people.

I could go with either PvP or PvE, with my preference for conflict being entirely story driven. I like medium-sized servers with around 25-30 people, and can dive into traditional Conan lore or unique world building with equal enthusiasm.

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RP-PvE all the way. With the banners you can make PvP zones if you really want to fight others or even with certain mods you can.


I play single-player now. It would be good to raise our own server with a couple of friends and to play in a single clan, building and civilizing the Exiled Lands, but no one from my friends play CE now so I’m doing it all by myself.


Singleplayer all day, everyday. Even the tiniest bit of stutter from latency drives me crazy and I have a pretty fine-tuned mix of mods and settings that I wouldn’t want to foist on other people and vice-versa. Plenty of servers use mods I just don’t want to bother downloading to even just begin to play with other people. Also, with all the increased gathering and xp rates I always see listed on servers the fact I use 1x settings would probably drive people nuts.

I did have to disable the purge though - with how I build even on the default tick rate I end up having everything destroyed because suddenly 5 werehyenas show up when I’m barely level 20 and just starting to get into iron weapons with maybe only a single thrall.

EDIT: Also - I don’t have to deal with random people building ugly sandstone cubes cluttering up my quest for aesthetics.


Only could select one option for question one, so went with Official Server (PVE) as that’s how we started to play and had a really great time, first in Early Access, then full release until today. We originally chose to play on PVE-C at launch, but they got reverted to full PVP servers and that’s how we ended up on a PVE server. While it can be great to play in a more relaxed environment, having some other players around you just brings the game to life – we mostly had good encounters, met other passionate builders, advice in chat, and generally a helpful community. So while playing the game and being on our journey, we wouldn’t want to miss other players.

Like most others, we started to build more elaborated bases each time we changed locations (one fell sadly victim to decay) and really enjoyed hunting new thralls, materials and all that’s needed to make our main base and outposts more “homely” :blush:. After immortalizing our bases and our weapons museum on video, we decided to start up our private server just for building… hence, why we would select both options if possible, Official Server and Private Server – we definitely love both!

As much as like the attempt at a poll, lets be honest and say this is a forum only question. Funcom could hit up G-Portal for official numbers, as well as the private server hosted by G-portal. The only numbers they could not get to see activity is the non G-portal servers, as they may not have a working relationship with those hosts (PC only) or people who host on private boxes. I also do not know if the SP numbers could be pulled, with the offline log in Mod for PC, and if consoles allow an offline log in.

At least we will actually see how many forum memebers we have that are interested in this poll :slight_smile:

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RP-pvp, a way of life !


We’re not interested in raw data, that can be fetched automatically. We’re interested in the experiences of our community, and to create a starting point of a forum wide conversation for whoever might be interested in chiming in and sharing their experience. :slight_smile:


Co op on official pve-c server.

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I play Solo.

I love the setting of Conan and the Hyborian Age. I love the ability to create fun, exciting and weird buildings and bases. I love the excitement of fighting monsters and NPCs.

But I like to do all that at my own pace. Multiplayer games are, ideally, all based on mutual understanding and trust, and my prior experiences with MMOs have taught me that I don’t want to be responsible for other people’s gaming enjoyment. Being part of a multiplayer community means that my presence or absence will have an effect on what others can do, and as an introvert I feel that social responsibilities can become a chore. Even if I played as a “single-player clan” on a server would mean that whatever I build would affect others on the same server.

I’m really happy that there is a single-player option. I wouldn’t have bought the game otherwise.