My thoughts on Conan Exiles

Did I tell you I hate PVP?

Sure it’s okay when you meet a fellow adventurer who kills you in a fight when you are out in the exile lands. Then he robs you and commits unspeakable sexual acts on your corpse (just joking). I can accept all of that when you’re in the game and can fight or flee as you see fit. What I can’t stand are players who wait until you are offline and then rob you blind and destroy everything you have taken hours to build.

Where is the Conan spirit in that?

On countless times, my resources have been looted, my tower has been turned into Swiss cheese, and when I return to the game. I’m standing there naked with my sausage hanging out - love how the game promotes male and female nudity, but curbs my word selection.

Where is the sense of fun and gamesmanship? I didn’t have a chance. Geez… that was fun!

I partly blame the other players, but they are simply playing the game the way the developers have designed it and it really sucks arse when your offline!

When a player leaves the game, his fortress should be impenetrable, his treasures should be locked from all comers and he cannot be robbed. In effect removing all his creations from play, they exist in limbo and are untouchable.

Have you thought of not plying PVP?

I hate the taste of strawberries. So, I don’t eat them.

Problem solved.


Have you considered playing PvE-C?
Or perhaps finding a nice private server that has other rules than officials?

Playing solo are we?
This one does so as well.
But that means, with no clanmates to hold down the fort, builds must be hidden or at least way out of the way. Otherwise, when this one erects an ego monument in a warzone, and then leaves it unattended during designated wartime, it tends to get war wages on it.
Mind you, that’s part of the fun, baiting fools to attack hollow shells with chests full of hemp shirts, banana hammocks and notes with bad jokes.

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