Looking to start a again. Ps4

Once a lvl 60 all singing all dancing drifter of the exiled lands… Grinding out a life as many unfortunate souls do. Maybe my shiny new base and riches inside angered the Shadowed bug/glitch clan. Over night lost everything. Left me my inventory and my cloth rags I just put on to farm not my hvy gr. Lol timing… Looking to start again. European if poss. LF relaxed grp. Who are relatively new to the game as I am…

EDIT: Sorry, this is a PC server…

Sorry to hear of your losses buddy.
You’d be welcome on our server, we have a nice community with active admins.
Just search for: The Isle of Pit (PvE-Conflict UK Server)

Ps4 server Pvp Ancient Kings my wife and I playing 3 weeks seems pretty good