Any good servers for EU - PvE - worth checking out?

Hello everyone.
I just started my journey in Conan Exiles 2/3 days ago, I have been playing solo on the single player mode and i really enjoy it.
If i wish to play on a online server, PvE only, are there any servers out there worth considering where people play under vanilla rules?

It is hard to recommend official servers because most of them are littered with way too big bases, on most official servers I’d say that you should expect that 20-30% of players break the rules for what is accepted, and most popular places are filled with huge bases that quite often leave very little room for new players, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for a base though, just something to be aware of :wink:

Also what region are you from?
It would be pointless for me to recommend some EU servers if you are located in an entirely different region.

What are you looking for in a server…
Busy with lots of players, spacious and not too overbuilt, servers with a high community sense, servers that aren’t constantly constipated(laggy and glitchy)?
Also please note that servers over time can go from being good to bad in a short while, you are playing with people where some don’t care about others and often treat a server as their own private sandbox :joy:

Like I said, there are rules, but quite often rule breaking is only dealt by admin if other players report them, so with that said, I can highly recommend reading the rules to avoid a possible wipe and ban(most people likely never do)

Terms of conduct:

Examples of Landclaim abuse(what not to do):

Hope I didn’t scare you with these informations, but official servers aren’t actively admined other than through player reports, so offical servers are a bit Wild West :grin:


Hello @Frillen I’m really sorry i thought i had specified my region on the title but i didn’t, fixed it now.

I’m on EU, i just want to try to experience the game as close to vanilla as possible, as it was released, no XP boosts nothing, just the normal CE experience :slight_smile:

Difficult to find one that is exactly like officials. The majority on PC are modded. The game is quite old already and not many are into hosting a server to play vanilla. Stay in sp or try officials until you get the basics at least. If you go for an official, I would go for one with low population in the hopes for better performance.

Well since you are in EU, I can list some that are ok and some that aren’t(at least not the last time I was there)… :joy:

  • pve 1046 - I play there currently and it is a sort of ok server, people are mostly friendly and helpful. It isn’t completely littered with massive builds, reasonable amount of room in the different areas.

  • pve 1013 - I still have a small base and a character there although I don’t play much there anymore, server runs decently, but some areas are covered in massive builds, even some as big as whole cities, especially around Sepermeru, oasis, Mounds and desert area.

  • pve 1003 - Can’t really recommend it, never got to know people there, the server had serious problems just getting wildlife to actually react on you, server was a mess with loads of gigantic bases in almost all areas, we left that server after a couple of days having enough of the constant lag.

  • pve 1005 - Good and friendly people, but there are many players there who have been there since the release of the game, many of them have loads of big bases in all areas + a lot of players that do not know how to limit themselves, it had lag serious lag problems like 1003, I played there 2 times mostly because I had some friends that had that server as their home, but in the end I couldn’t live with the many problems the server had, so I left again.

  • pve 1028 - Oh boy this was a bad server, so many skyscrapers and gigantic buildings everywhere, it looked like New York, I don’t know how it is today, but damn it was a bad server when I was there for a very short time :joy:

These were some of the official server I have had an experience with, maybe others have something to add.
Also be aware that servers and population can change over time, some of those I mentioned may now be different from how I experienced them back then :wink:

I don’t think you will find a perfect official server, but as long you are open minded and are willing to accept that they sometimes can be a bit glitchy then it is a good place to learn the game.
Personally I can live with a lot of jank simply because nothing beats playing and learning the game among other players :slight_smile:

Some advice though you don’t have to follow them…
If you are new to the game then I suggest to experience things the first time by yourself on the server, meaning lots of people wants to help new players by giving them overpowered stuff that you aren’t ready for.
I recommend politely saying no to such things and mostly just ask for advice on stuff, the first time playing and learning Conan Exiles is an experience you never will get back.
You can off course watch youtubes, get advice or check wiki for lots of information, do it for things that you feel stuck on, but save some experiences for the surprise of discovering them yourself, and most importantly, don’t rush, take your time and enjoy all aspects of the game, you will reach your goals before you know it and after that it becomes more of a routine to build up from nothing :slight_smile:

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Sadly that is not always a guarantee that low pop servers have better performance, I’ve seen low population servers that were filled with old and gigantic bases everywhere consisting of players that have been there for years and are only online once in a while to refresh all their structures or to check out stuff from new chapters :joy:
I’ve been to such servers with a few friends hoping that it would be a good place for them to learn the ropes, but I do agree that official servers is a good place to learn the game while socializing with others, and maybe you are right that the chance of them being more vacant in areas than the most populated, I just didn’t find one that was :slight_smile:

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The only advise I can give you is: “no matter what you do, don´t play officials”.

Unless you are ok with getting banned. And believe me if I say this, you will. Its just a matter of time. All it takes it one mad person that is reporting you for landclaim.

Rules are designed to be very interpretable. And there is a lot of abuse going on on officials. Especially if you are new to the game, there is a lot that you can do wrong that can get you banned very easily.

Im methodical when i choose.

So that is to say , i choose in numerical order.

Sometimes ill adjust based on server conditions, ping or my status on each once im in.

Two years of straight officials play here- never been banned.

And 20 years of online gameplay with various games- never been banned.

Damn just showed my age didnt i ? HAHA!

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1020 official is pretty fun
Although with most servers… a lot of people resetting

Including myself… since there’s nothing fun to do.

Before AoW I was busy gaining absolute power, now its rinse and repeat old content no one cared much about but Funcom decided to force us playing… for example the legendary nonsense and the pointless dungeon rewards. And much more whacky balancing NO one asked for.

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