Little doubt about DLC

Khitan javelins and throwing axes for starters.
This one had found other items while snooping, but that was a year or so ago and the memory fails on the details.
The short of it was that more items were actually developed and existed… They were just excluded from the DLC for ?reasons?

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Ah that’s right. Yes my favourite DLC is Savage Frontier, and I remember now when I first got it there were Pictish javelins and throwing axes, but they were greyed out and I couldn’t make them. Then one day they were just gone. It’s a real shame, they fit especially well thematically in that DLC :pensive:


Picts especially should have signature throwing axes, given their vague historical associations.

This one could rage until underverse come that the Aquilon set did not have a Javelin…

So many sad missed opportunities.
More tragic with the reminder that DLCs, once released, will have nothing ever added to them, even if the omission was accident or retrospectively egregious…


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