East Pack (Khitai DLC) this weekend?

Just read this:

And looks like everything is progressing, sounds really good!

Can’t wait for the DLC (and the free content and 500 fixes megapatch) do you think we will get it this weekend? It has to be June according to them…and since there is a livestream on friday…maybe?

I can only hope. This weekend is when my old room mate comes to visit and we have been binging C:E lately so it will be great to have more to do

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While it is natural to draw the connection between the three update types due to the fact the DLC, free content, and patches are written about often in the same paragraph, at no point (that I recall seeing) did FC directly say that all three packages will be available at the same time. Just because the DLC is scheduled for June does not mean that Jhebbal Sag, pets, and enhanced archery are also going to be available in June. If I am wrong, then someone please correct me, otherwise I would advise folks to moderate their expectations and expect only the DLC in June.


Oh, nobody said the three update types had to come at the same time, I only said I can’t wait for the DLC (and the other content) to release.

The thread is about PAID DLC being released this weekend, don’t need to argue if FC did say the 3 packages would be released at the same time, as nobody is saying that :stuck_out_tongue:

SO yeah, just because the DLC is scheduled for June doesnt mean the other content will be, as nobody but you said it would or not would.

Thanks for yor awesome contribution!

And it is very clear they are not planned to release at the same time, as nobody said.

Continuing the discussion from Quick update on Patches for this and the coming week:

I have a lot of Asian friends on PS4 who are looking forward to this DLC. I am as well. With any luck we will be able to access a character recreation mechanism so that my peeps can be born again Khitan, or I’ll be forced to remake my toons. Not that I’m Asian, I just like the Khitai, and until I realized there was no value in it, always played as one. It could be that PS4 gets to try it out first, and in so doing be the Guinea Pigs. I’ll let you know if I see anything from that direction. :lumie:

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Hope it strikes soon as possible. Im not looking for it at all(maybe the armors that will be worse than SL =/ ) but to see the next ones to come. Hope new things come in that barbaric style of the slaver heavy set =)

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I view June as a Soon™. Meaning it may be June but there is still time to slip. Also it takes time for a patch to be better by MS and Sonyand the time taken for that is outside Funcom’s control. So if those processes have not started, there may be a delay.

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I’m curious about how DLC works on a server and how the items get restricted.

  • Would the items be in the Admin panel to be spawned in by server admins?
  • Does the game detect each player that owns the dlc and makes the items not show up in Admin Panel unless they have them?
    • Or maybe just say something like “You can not spawn this item.”?
  • Can someone who owns the DLC and crafts the items give them to another player without the DLC?
    • And would said item then be usable by the person who doesn’t own the DLC?

If anyone knows the answers to any if these, that would be great. :slight_smile:

I think, or expect, to work similar than the Atlantean sword or Royal Armor. Which I have no idea if admin can spawn them without owning dlc.

As a dlc owner (As well as atlantean and royal armor) im not any concerned about this. If admins / private servers can use it without paying, its ok. They could be copied or cheated in by mods anyway, afaik.

About the release: I hardly doubt it will be this weekend, but one can hope xD. In tomorrow’s livestream they already said they will show some nice stuff (be it from paid dlc or free patches) so it would be crazy (but I would love it xD) if they said : “all this available tomorrow!” haha.

Maybe next week, but at least they know there are some of us eager to get it asap!

i know that solo, you cant spawn them as admin if you dont have the dlc


I feel like if its lootable by non dlc owners it only adds value to it. People would value having a builder that have it, or try harder to kill that guy using it =). In other hands, relics to be hunted.

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true, but to deny other players from looting it, it would give the players who buy it an adventage, aka: deny other players armor when they die.

asset denial to your opponent is an important strategy…

I don’t know what everyone is talking about, saying that it is a “cosmetic” dlc.
The khitan weapons do more damage, so I guess the armor will be stronger aswell and the building style too.
That means pay to win (a little bit), because everyone who’s gonna buy the dlc will have an adventage over the rest.

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Well…we have to wait and see what is really coming with the dlc…after that we can start complaining… just my two cents


Have you tested it yourself? Last time i checked khitan weapons where suppose to be a cosmetic alternative for iron and star metal weapons, with the same stats as corresponding tier counterparts.
In any case, as long as they don’t nerf Telith, Barrow King and dragonbone tier weapons, khitan weapons will be useless :sunglasses:


You can check the stats of the weapons when you look at your feats.

True, I didnt check em as I will get the dlc and dont wanna spoil myself, but since they are in the feats menu that info is already available.

We still dont know if those stats will be final (and even less if we complain about it before release) but its something real enough as to pay attention.

I’m sure i’m getting the dlc, and I don’t have yet the highest level weapons, and despite of this, I dont want the DLC to bring overpowered weapons or armors. They must already fix silent legion armor as the only / most viable armor, so the least I want is an op dlc pack that will be the best in slot.

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First part is easy, get yourself into singleplayer and check the admin panel. The stuff is already there!
Which brings me to the second point: They behave the same like preorder armor did for me before the code was added to my account. (Failed to spawn.)

I agree.

And about future dlcs as well… I really hope they will provide the same amount of stuff. It would create a wide viarity to building and armors… I love it!

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I looked at the stats and all I can tell at this moment they are going to be useful between lvl 1 to 30 after that they are useless