Debating on buying need help please

Hi there. New player on Xbox looking for a good solid server preferably with a solid RP pve or just pve. Would be nice if there any groups or people who could should me around. Any ideas? I am on Gamepass for now so was curious are the expansions necessary and worth it? I am eyeballing the DLC bundle on xbox. Figured I would ask the pros here. Thank you in advance.


The only reason I buy the dlcs piece by piece is the time frame.
YES buying bundle you have all the dlcs but…
Time frame and a bit chaos.
Buying one by one means, no time frames and enjoy every single dlc.
That means that the game will give you more reasons to play it.
I play this game almost 3 years now, when the game has nothing to give to me I buy a dlc and it has :wink:.
I still have to purchase 3 more dlcs, but the time will come, count on it.


As a new player I wouldn’t even think about the expansions or DLC at first. Play the Exiled Lands until you’re at the point where you have beat many of the bosses and you’re building “pretty” castles.

Then some time after that, get on youtube and start checking out some of the builds people are showing off. Then pick and choose from those which expansion set or sets, you wanna mess around with.

Then, after all that, get the Isle Of Siptah DLC… and likely by then there might even be another DLC available too.

That’s how I would direct the experience. If on the other hand you’re just fascinated with castle building and really wanna create awesome masterpieces with not so much interest in the game play, then yes, the bundle option is for you. Maybe set up a Conan “dedicated” server on an old laptop or something, give yourself god abilities, and just build away!


As @stelagel says, buying the dlcs all together can result in having so much stuff that you won’t get round to trying it. And, as @TeleTesselator says, playing the base game to be sure you enjoy it before adding the dlcs can be a good way to go.

However - you also note that you are interested in an RP server - which suggests that the dlcs may be of extra interest to you. I’m not sure how much you know about each one - each dlc (except The Riddle of Steel) comes with a set of building pieces (equivalent to the base game tier 3, but more attractive) and placeables, plus three armor sets (light, medium and heavy) and a bunch of weapons. The base game versions of the weapons are cheap but weak, but the endgame (epic) versions of the weapons are equivalent to the base game star-metal (endgame) versions of the same weapons. The armor is the only part of each dlc that has much game impact (everything else is essentially cosmetic) - while each set of armor is on a power level equivalent to base game armors (with base and epic versions of each available), they all provide bonuses to different stats, so the dlcs make it easier to have more variety within that (though there are base game armors that can be learned to gain the same stat bonuses).

Essentially, it comes down to how much you will enjoy the cosmetic element - as someone looking for an RP server, I figure that may appeal to you. I’ve certainly enjoyed having all the dlcs (bought as soon as I’d played enough to be happy that I wanted to continue for a while) - they are by no means essential, and can certainly be picked up one at a time as you play (you may well enjoy each one more that way), but I’d say there’s also no harm in getting the bundle if you’re sure you want to continue playing.

If you want more actual details on what’s in each dlc, there are several videos on youtube that go through this - I’ll try to find an earlier post that had some links and link it below in an edit.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Edit: here’s the promised link :slight_smile: - I think these videos don’t cover the Isle of Siptah dlc (which has 3 armor sets, and two full build sets (one tier 1 and one tier 3), plus the full map itself and all that can be accessed there. But they should cover everything else :slight_smile:


Yup, he should also be made aware however, that by purchasing those packs they will ALL be in his inventory creation list. And Funcom kinda sucks-nuggets at sorting and list manipulation. So when it comes time to make anything he’ll be faced with a list of craftable items a mile long - making it not only harder to find stuff but also making newly achieved craft abilities seem less important, less of an achievement, ad a little less rewarding.

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True - though there are also filters to help with that (assuming Xbox has access to the same drop down menu we get on PC for filtering by different dlcs) - but it can certainly cause more clutter and confusion. I never really experienced that sense of newly learned craft abilities feeling less important - though I can certainly see the logic behind it - I guess it just never affected me that way, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t affect the OP.

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Yep, there are, but they’re not remembered on a reopen. And let’s face it, most of us most of the time, don’t want to type or even try and remember which piece is in which of the menu categories - for those that are predefined for the DLCs. Even I, still press “I” and start humping the mouse-wheel till I see it. If I don’t by the time I get to the bottom of the list then my next step is usually to grab the scrollbar and slowly go back up. And if I still don’t see it then I sit there trying to remember the name of whatever it is so I can type it in for the sort. That menu like that is very common in games that have player inventories - it’s also the lest imaginative or efficient IMO. Oh well, no one ever seems to want to build a better mousetrap… :confused:

Sure, if you have 200 things and you get one more. It’s “just another” thing - of 200. But if you have nothing and you get something - hey, that’s pretty cool. I think the west has built an entire economy around this principle if I’m not mistaken. :smiley:

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I appreciate all the input and advice. My main concern regarding the DLC now and after some research and the above links as well as other videos seems I need the IoS or I will lose my characters progression? Was also considering the fact the bundle comes with the base game which will leave gamepass at some point I am assuming? Based on the response there are obviously alot of active players is there any particular server I could be pointed toward? I appreciate all the continued help and I do plan to stick around in the game not just going to buy it and stop after a few days I am fully intrigued by it and the possibilities.


I’m not sure where you’ve got that impression - or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean. IoS adds an additional map that you can choose to play on if you own the dlc (plus it adds build sets etc) - the base game still has its own map and does not require IoS to play. In singleplayer, you are able to have one Exiled Lands (base game) save and, if you own IoS, you can also have a separate IoS save game. As far as I know, on servers you can just have one character per server you play on. Not having IoS shouldn’t affect play on Exiled Lands at all. Adding IoS later shouldn’t affect existing Exiled Lands saves. (Normally, you would have one character per map/server, so progression would not continue between maps - however, server transfer is now a thing - but you’ll need to check that out with folks that know better how it works.) I hope that helps :slight_smile:
I’m sorry, I can’t answer anything about how gamepass works, I’ve never used it. Similarly, I know nothing about which servers are good. But I’m sure that there are people here more knowledgeable about these things that can help :slight_smile:


I read alot of articles saying people were complaining about having to start over with the latest expansion. Which is why I was wondering if I should go ahead and get the DLC bundle while its on sale to up to date and play with pros like you guys. Again, cant thank you all enough for the help and support. Nice to come in to a new game with an excellent community.

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New map, new character. Does not affect your old map. Stick to the basegame for now and get as much enjoyment out of the default map. Once you feel like you’ve explored it all or are getting bored, then I would recommend getting siptah and starting over.


If the sale is 50% or more then yeah, go for it! Otherwise nah, it will be on sale again soon, and at that time maybe it will actually be 50% or more.

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I cannot understand exactly what you mean about character progression on isle of Siptah?
If you started this character from another machine that already had the Siptah dlc and now you play from your own, yes buy the dlc immediately. If you want to purchase some more dlcs that won’t bring you much trouble but will give you unique things, like black & white horses, or tree building options, I would definitely suggest you the huborian and derketo (riders of Hyboria and bedaucheries of derketo). If you know to build only squarish for the beginning and you need caravan dressing on some of your pets the treasures of Turan dlc will make your square build glamorous and your elephants and rhino’s cargo looking. Except the beautiful building pieces and statues of the Turan pack, I really love their lamps, they are from the best of the game and the light in the Turan floor is shiny as a palace, for me it is the best dlc when it comes to glamur.
I suggest you to start with these four dlcs.
Not that the others are less, but give them some time, first enjoy for a couple of months these dlcs and then proceed to the others. Believe me, this game is like non other, It will swallow you. I see you stop counting after 2.000 hrs at least :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
For RP servers try the server reqruit section, or @OctaviousWrex can help you with this part, since you speak about Xbox.

2 Likes this is the deal I am referring to as per the charahter progression would carry over from exiles hence why I was assuming that I should get the isle but thats why I am torn between getting the bundle or starting out on the exiles for now.

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I have no experience of what this exactly gives you. I cannot suggest anything here. We have the same in PS store, but I didn’t bother to buy it, so I cannot help you here, maybe it has something unique, maybe, I don’t know :man_shrugging:

Wow, the “Complete Edition” here in Japan is only like, $75…

Anyway, my opinion is still the same. Unless they change things the character progression doesn’t carry over from the Exiled Lands to the Isle Of Siptah - nor visa-versa. As mentioned there is a server transfer function but it’s limited, unreversable, destructive, and only brings over what you can fit in your pocket without being over encumbered. I’m not even sure why they added it… I guess it’s for PVP players who wanna go server raiding…

If you’re still “torn” after all these messages then let your pocketbook decide. If $130 is nothing or nearly nothing to you then go for it. If that seems like a lot to you then hold off. -=shrug=-

I appreciate the input. I can get either base game or the package thankfully its a christmas gift. I am just hoping to be able to play long term with some of the long time players already and want to be up to date if thats necessary to “keep up” with the latest and the vets which i intend to be as time passes. As per servers are there any particular ways to figure out if there are any official rp or at least constant populated well established game servers? I apologize for all the questions but genuinely appreciate all the support certainly can see the learning curve which intrigues me more and hope to see some of you in game.

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Oh, it’s not your money, sure get the package and then just don’t install everything till you need or want that part - just install the base game at first.

There’s a sortable server listing…

Unfortunately, the search terms are mutually exclusive. When I went for my 1st join I just waited till the hour I thought I would play most, sorted by Ping, and joined the first one that had more than one player in it (I think it listed 4 on a Tuesday,. and at 10pm). I got a server that has about 15 daily players, 20 active clans comprised of about 40 weekenders and probably twice that many semi-active players who just show up once a month or something. I notice a new member joining about once a week or close to that. You don’t wanna get on a crowded server nor one that’s dead (if there are such things). I think there’s a limit to the number of connections per server so like, only 40 people can be on at once.

I really REALLY wish there was a way to search Discord by game and general area. Then we could petition for an invite and get to know what kind of characters were in a given clan or server before we joined. There might be websites that you can find for basically doing that same thing tho - I haven’t tried.

Best case IMO is to join with your real-life friends! If they are far away, pick a server in the middle with a ping you can both tolerate.

Sorry to keep bothering I just saw this buried away and not in the main store front didnt know if this would be a good setup for starting out to play with the latest and up to date with most other players? Conan Exiles - Isle of Siptah Edition | Xbox if its a good deal I will go for it if not Ill stick to the base game for now. Thank you each and everyone for the help with this.

From what I see this bundle consist of the base game and IOS dlc.
If brought
-You get to choose to play between 2 map exiled land(base game) and Isle of siptah(the dlc)
-You get the extra gear and building type recipe from IOS dlc that can use in base game.
Price wise I am not sure if it bundle offer or a limited time offer?

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