Hi, I am considering to buy Conan Exile and I have some questions

Hi, I fell in love with survival games.
I currently play DayZ hardcore community server where surviving is brutal. ( I couldn’t take the easiness of vanilla server.) But unfortunately DayZ is somewhat unfinished, very narrow range of crafting to begine with… Farming is way too simple and easy it is almost abandoned content. I love graphic and all though.
I tried Rust, I didn’t like the style much and map looked too small. But most of all, hunting was stupidly easy. I mainly enjoy solo survival with farming hunting foraging.
I did my own research and it seems hunting in Conan is not too simple which I like.
I checked crafting and building which I think is more finished than DayZ’s.

My question is,

How is Conan Exile as a solo survival game? How do you consider hunting, farming, and foraging in Conan Exile? Will I be able to find a hardcore server where I can suffer the difficulty of survival?

And if I buy Conan Exile, what should I buy? Right now it is on sale on steam. Should I just buy original pack or buy the full package?

If you experienced players can toss me a few opinions and answers it will be great.
Thank you guys!


Objectively, the game isn’t that hard. Not at vanilla settings anyways. You can tweak the server settings to make it more difficult (make the enemy take less damage and do more damage), but things like obtaining food will always be pretty easy. End game dungeon content can also present some challenges, but really it comes down to how the server settings are set.

Can you find a server that makes the game more difficult? Probably. Vanilla server settings are probably too easy for your liking though, so a private server would be your best avenue (or single player if that’s something you enjoy).

Up to you. The DLC’s are mostly cosmetic, you can see what each one offer’s on their respective store page. If you like creative building, I can highly recommend the DLC’s for that purpose.

The game is still being actively worked on, as there is a new expansion planned for the 2nd half of this year. Follower AI is being worked on for the next patch and the next one after that as well. My point being is that the game is continuing to improve and undergo changes, so we’ll see how things change as this year moves along.


I cant believe the #1 reason to buy Conan Exiles hasn’t been given yet; the cans.

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at this moment, no, this game is very easy once you have a thrall…
but if you want to play legos and build beautiful castles, yes, sp conan exiles is for you

Survival is very easy once you learn the ropes and trivial when you have a good thrall. No official server is going to pose a great challenge in that sense. You might be able to find a private server focusing on survival, but most private servers I’ve seen tend to go the opposite way – make it even easier :confused:

If you like building, PVE or PVE-C servers can be fun. If you like a more competitive play, PVP is the mode, but I wouldn’t play PVP on official servers, because right now they’re too full of people abusing the exploits.

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I’ll address the elephant in the room.
I’ve had it since early access. With few exceptions in the way of features, it feels like it’s still in early access. If you don’t mind a work in progress with some bugs and performance issues, go for it.
I concur with Shadoza in that you might want to wait to buy dlc’s until you see how the game is going to run for you.


I consider myself still a newbie on Conan. Can’t answer much, but incidentally I myself was wondering about DayZ…

Conan is not really a survival game. It has survival mechanics, but it’s easy to get food/water and you can outrun any mob.

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Well, most mobs anyway. There’s a few different animals that can keep up with you if you aren’t on a horse. They are easy enough to evade if you jump off a ledge or something though.

you must be a lover of the genre and if you are you can be sure that you have made the right choice, I do not recommend playing it offline, in pve or pve-c. play it in pvp official if you want to test yourself as you wish. I personally, never regretted having bought it.

yeah, literally speaking it’s hard to outrun fx wolves if you have low grit. But you can still escape from them.

Thank you very much everyone.
I am going to purchase the basic game and see what it’s like. :slight_smile:


conan exile follows the same road as many other survival games. you wont be lost since most survival games folows the same concept. so heres my list of pros and cons.


  • good community, IN GAME,
  • the fights are simple nothing too complicated
  • good envirnmoent if you like to explore.
  • building is fun and has room for alot of imagination
  • the thral system is fun to explore. and depending on your gamestyle you could have lots of hours of entertainment, i habve 1300 hours s far.
  • if you like to farm materials you will love it.
  • dlc have great estethetic looks and offer a variety of building oiptions, and visual armor to choose from
  • dungeons are a nice twist to the game

the cons

  • bug riddled, decs take alot of time to fix something when they arent busy breaking other things in the game
  • buildings dont clip 30% of the time
  • exploiters are roaming in the game and will exploit every bugs to piss you off.
  • the game lacks a truck load of polish
  • chat has to be fixed. no way to follow a trade unless youre trading via discord. everytime someone talks the chat goes back to latest entry without youbeing able to do anything
  • sandstorm are bugged( thats the conan way of saying hide or die( going underwater wont save you from the sand) you can get 5-9 sand storms a day and maybe 1 will be hurting you
  • survivals not hard, find a waterway or build a tier 2 well 1 fishnet and you dont ever run out of water or food.
  • crafting needs more details on many recipes.
  • funcom has little to no customer support and the forum admin only have 3 options to give you. start from ground up on another server, pay 120 per years to own one or they close the subject and unlist it.
  • thralls are bugged and are mostly making the game look like a pokemon battle. you can kill anything in the game with a thrall in under 3 minutes if its geared porperly. ash kethup using ultra instinct goku to fight thing would be a good description of thrall system.
  • dlc are mostly for the armorsand structures since they are better than 90% of the content available ones and have much higer stats and temperature resist, hence making dlc content pay to win.
  • dungeons are ince without maps, and only 3 are actually useful dreg for the torch that goes underwater. arena for the best heavy armor pieces for thralls and hardcore heavy armor pvper and wine cellar for the best water container. the rest is just time consumer
  • ALSO 99 out of 100 times when you get attacked by a npc//thrall you will only know what type, tier or if its a named ONCE you hit it, usually ending in a 1 shot, because it was too complicated to add a name tag that shows what youre going up against.
  • the game lacks balance since you can get bis geared at level 3( thats the min level get anywhere)

other than that the game is fun


didn’t they fix it so dlc armors have same armor and temp resist as other normal craftables?

It is a slight advantage that you don’t have to find a specific armorer to make flawless dlc armor though… but if you commit, you can find some decent named armorers in 1-5 hours (or go farm Zobek/Silent legion/Khari/Godbreaker/Aesir)), so I wouldn’t really call it p2w

All i can say to you is that i play non stop for 11 months now only conan and i still learn new things. I cannot explain to you something you can’t understand. If you want to understand buy it. If you are afraid that you will loose your money take the vanilla edition. I am pretty sure that after playing for awhile you will start buying dlc. Thats all mine the choice is yours.

BAsed on the fact you played Rust, yo must be PC.
I will let you in on a secret, wait to buy it, i think there is a steam free weekend coming taht should let you test it for free. After that, you can purchase if you like (i think that is how it works). Here is how i would rate the different characteristics of Conan Exiles for official servers:

  1. Food and Water–easy–once you hit mid level (30’s out of max 60) you will start to drown in food, and water is easily replenishable for about 85% of the map.
  2. NPCs-mid levels you will find most everything is beatable with patience
  3. Mini Bosses–definately more challenging than NPC’s and a few are even deadly for end game
  4. Bosses–time sinks. all are beatable solo, it just depends on how long you have to fight at one time.
  5. Gathering Resources—once you get to level 50+, absurdly easy to mass farm.
  6. Building–Probably the most robust part of Conan, and you can do a lot if you practice and perfect it. PVE is more about creativity, PVP is more about defensive builds.
  7. Lore—very sporadic, and does not hand hold you. As in, finding one thing doesn;t give you locations of the next thing. Non essential as well.
  8. Followers/Crafters–Very robust variety, but you will find the fighters very OP once you get the higher level ones. Can sometimes feel as if the game is on auto pilot fighting waise with a thrall following you.
  9. PVE–so far I am experimenting on 1 erver, but the few i visited before i settled on this one were populated by massive bulds, which imo contributes to performance problems for the server in general. And there is no way in PVE to coutner it, you have to leave or get used to it.
  10. PVP—this is where i spent 90% of my playtime. Very toxic, and it is a wipe or be wiped mentality. You can and will be wiped when you take a day off for real life. IT is only a matter of when. If you have time to sink into it, and can find the right group to join,then this is the most brutal. But that is mainly due to the other players, not the actual game or game play itself.

Again, all these are official servers and i how feel how about them. With PC,there are mods as well as privates that you may want to look into.

Last suggestion, if you want to make it harder solo player and not online, then don;t go to wiki. The game does not handhold on a lot of things, and you are left to figure it out yourself. Which i like.

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I just listed ones that are easy to get… I didn’t write you should use the full set… And tbh I haven’t played this year, but plenty of people used heavy armor after the dodge update.

executioners hood is also pretty easy to get.

And if you build a place where you get exiles in purge you get a ton of purge thralls (decent chance for Redeemed SL).

It has the survival element to it but the survival is secondary to the rest of the game, like many have suggested the survival aspect becomes easy past a certain level, the game more focuses on crafting building NPC taming via thralls and dungeon running. So if those appeal to you then this is a good game for you.

You can adjust settings on your own singleplayer game, or find a server with harder survival settings. Honestly I really enjoy the PvP aspect of the game, you will find no challenge greater than that of other players. The building aspect of the game is a lot better than many other survival open worlds I have played and the aesthetics of the game are really something to behold.

I consider myself a bit of a veteran on these survival style games as they are one of my favourite genres, I have played Rust, Day Z, Ark and Conan and each hs it’s own charm. Rust I would say is king of PvP, Ark is the king of the NPC and open world A.I. where as Conan I feel fills the rpg aspect of the survival genre, the dungeons world bosses and thrall cities are really fun.

The one thing I must warn you about is that be weary of playing on official servers, Funcom does not actively moderate official servers, this means that Hacking game exploitation and grief style gameplay is rampant on official and you more often than not won’t get much help from Funcom if you encounter a problem with this on an official server, If you aren’t concerned about this then no worries, but if you wish to avoid this and would prefer servers with active admins who WILL help you in situations of other players breaking rules or conducting in negative gameplay, then I suggest trying the private servers. You can either find Vanilla private servers or ones that are running mods that is up to personal preference.

If you are looking for someone to play with and are interested in playing PvP then give me a shout, can join a server together so I can show you some ropes :wink: . Otherwise if you prefer jumping in the deep end and want to find everything out for yourself then welcome to the exiled lands my friend :slight_smile: happy hunting.

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thy didnt.

ef dlc = +9 stats 2 bar temps resist.
non dlc ef = +5 stats 1 bar.
silent legion 2 bar temp, 2 str 2 vit 2 grit iirc.

arena +3 on a few stats and 3 bar temp but remains heavy

SL is
Acc,Vit,Grit,Enc,Str all +2 (+10)
Pride of aesir i believe is 1 bar, and +2 all multiple stats. +10
Khari is +12 o believe, +6 surv and +6 enc for the light. 1 bar.
In game drops are also better when combined. +3 on most.

Most of the common epic flawless now have the same 2 bar per piece. Do not recall SL though, as i do not use it.