Hi, I am considering to buy Conan Exile and I have some questions

Actually yes, dlc armor is kinda better most of the time… but that doesn’t mean vanilla armor is useless, unless you want to minmax every single aspect of the game, ofc.

They have to offer something for the pvp crowd though, and simple aesthetics won’t help to sell dlc to them.

WHut, any Flawless has been +9 for a long time (apart from that str/acc one you get from the witch queen).

And tbh no I don’t trust you… they have the same armor value and the same stat bonus… But some other stats. dlc is great early because you don’t need a specific named armorer and the medium vit is nice to have, but it’s not better…

Depending on your build, Khari could be better. same with some parts Aisir and that pirate armor you make with black silk (mostly because they have +2 on bracers). These are not hard to get. Zobek is easy to get. Helm/gauntlets of the brute are also pretty easy to get.

What dlc armor (for yourself) do you really need?

(and who really cares about high temp resist, you don’t need it in 98% of the map)

The only really special dlc armor is the cold heavy enc, that can be nice to have for raiding. But it’s not like you can’t raid in the cold without it.

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IMO, the best armor craft-able by any T4 is
God breaker Helm, Gauntlets, Champions or SL Chest, Aesir Leggings, boots of your choice.
Gives you +5 STR, +2 VIT, +3 Grit, plus bonus for whatever boots you want. DLC’s can’t offer that. And Armor rating is about the same. With the temp control being eay to manage based on the god breaker and god beaker chill as your choice.
The ENC armor is now over rated, as you can take an animal,and with the new stack sizes, fill them up and run in a more balanced fighter build.

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Some of the Khari sets are also pretty nice and as I already wrote Executioners hood and Brute armor aren’t that hard to get (they have decent drop chance).

all in all not really that hard to get a lot of armor that are better than dlc. :slight_smile:

bump because it needs mroe attention

Honestly - if you’re looking for a hardcore survival game, Conan isn’t it. The game has challenging aspects but the curve quickly softens as you level. Moreso, if you go down the tamed thrall path (ie have a follower or pet which is now a big part of the game) they’ basically nullify any difficulty at all. You could simply avoid them but it’s ignoring a big part of the game. The real threats tend to be other players, but given the servers are only 40 pop max on officials, seeing other players is more limited.

If you’re wanting a much harder survival experience, i’d be looking at ARK these days - one expansion in particular Abberation is particularly tough which I am fond of. Personally I wish the Conan game world was more dynamically dangerous. Rather than the game being essentially static spawns (that move in their vague area), i wish there were much tougher enemies which roamed much larger areas so there was some randomness to it. They also dont chase overly far either and are easily evaded by climbing.

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