Recommendations for a new CONAN player

So, finally iam downloading the game, i would like to ask few questions to be sure that i wont waste my time as soon i start to play.

  • The only survival game i played that can be compared to CONAN, has been ARK survival evolved;

I played it in PVE, OFFICIAL servers,and finished it in HARD MODE (it means i killed all the bosses and finished endgame in HARD, with my tribe/contacts).
I can even be considered one of the very first few people that finished ARK bosses and endgame in HARD on official servers.

So here are some particlarities iam looking for , in CE also:

  • I always play games in hard mode (solo or multi)
  • I always want to finish those games(killing bosses -endgame)
  • Since i had my load of :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:t with early access such like ARK, past years, i dont want to waste my precious time to bugs, glitches, andso on and later realize that i wased my time due to incompetent devs.

So, here area few questions:

  • I would like to play CONAN on their OFFICIAL ONLY servers (basic settings so):

1/ Is the PVE challenging, well balanced, stable, and also finish-able (i guess there are few bosses, and end game, are they at least Do-able, bug-free?)

2/ If you dont recommend me PVE to start, and rather PVP (i think that i would better be interested inPVP once i finished pve, am i right?, unless ofc you tell me that pve is broken or whatever), isnt the pvp full of cheaters? I saw many survival games such like ark or rust unplayable because of massive cheaters/ dupers in pvp… is CONAN any safer?

3/ if i do start pve on official, on European servers, do you have any recommendation for a “noob”?
special guide, starting to survive in safe place, and so on? a link maybe?
are there many PVE modes on official or just one? which one is the one “by default”?

Far as i know there is no “hard mode”.

1: PVE is fun and the base game is challenging, but like most survival games the farther you get the easier it becomes. There are dungeons and bosses which will take you a good amount of time to beat.

2: I’m not a pvp guy as i don’t like offline raiding. That being said, i think they’ve fixed most of the exploits, but in this type of game, unless you’re in a large clan you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by the 24/7 clans. I don’t find it fun to log in and find my entire based looted/destroyed while i was gone.

3: There are several pve modes, normal, fast and conflict. There are guides online but make sure you’re looking at an up to date one, there have been many changes to the game in the last few months leading up to launch.

I’m playing on a private fast server, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a new player.
You level too fast.

I did it partly because I couldn’t get into the normal server that I started on because it was always full.

And I did it all the way through before so this time I want to get to the higher levels but I’m having second thoughts.
I’ve only been playing for a couple of days and I’m almost to level 30, and I see people that are much higher.

I may have to go back to the normal sever when the rush is over.

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