Why do I have to rebuy XS version

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Why do I have to pay over 100 bucks for the XS version when I have had game sense the start. And have all DLC’s. There is no way I’m paying you another 158.99 for something I have already paid for. Someone please explain this to me.

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Hey @DTwizy420

If you previously own Conan Exiles on Xbox One digitally, you should be able to play on your Series S. However, if you had it on disk please keep in mind that Xbox Series S does not have a disc reader, and you won’t be able to play with your disk version. This is a limitation on the hardware.
However, Conan Exiles is now available on Xbox Gamepass. If you had owned any DLC it will transfer to that version as well.

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I have the series X which I started and its telling me in the marketplace I have to re buy the complete edition to get the XS version. I own everything digitally. All dlc and new map. Idk why I have to pay for something I own twice.

There’s no need to rebuy it in that case.
You can install the base game and manage which downloadable content to download from the Xbox interface.
The complete edition is just a store bundle to make it easier for those who want to jump into Conan Exiles with all included easier. If you own all that DLC previously, you’re still able to access it normally.

Thank you I got it fully loaded up and the video settings were there for performance or quality. I really appreciate the fast response and help. Thanks again.

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We hope you have a great time!

On a side note, we’re aware of performance on the Series S on performance mode being a bit unreliable on the Exiled Lands near vegetation. More optimizations are on the way for the Exiled Lands. On Siptah, we built the map from the ground up with these optimizations in mind and it should be more stable in performance mode.

Ok thank you keep up the work with the right moves I can see this becoming better with every patch. On a side note if there is anyway to Implement a sneak attack of some sort that would do bonus damage with a bow or atlest be able to crouch and shoot. Would be awesome. Probably not the right spot for a question like that. But worth a try. Anyway have a awesome day. Thanks again for the help.

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