Looking to purchase Conan Exiles without Steam

I am looking to purchase a PC version of Conan Exiles without having to go through steam or using its steam version. For my part, the DRM itself is not the issue, simply the company’s philosophies.

I’ve purchased my games from GoG, but Conan Exiles isn’t available there (Are there any plans?). Gamersgate isn’t my preferred distributor, but the dealbreaker is that their’s is the Steam version, in which that company gets their nominal, relatively direct cut.

I’ve heard good things about this game. But barring a steamless release, I’ll have to forgo my participation.

Thank you for any information.

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The retail version can be played in a standalone mode with out an internet connection out of the box. To update to the current build, you will need an internet connection and to register with Steam for the PC. The PC game is not available in English. From reading other posts, the Amazon Germany site is not region blocked, but the media is most likely going to be the German version.

I appreciate the response.

From my reading, Funcom has given no indication it intends to update the PC game through any other distribution platform besides Steam. Buying a game without that support, of course, is a non-starter.

I’ll check this topic throughout the week to see if there are any more suggestions or tips.

what’s wrong with getting the game from Steam?

I have my reasons for whom I do business with (and with whom I don’t). I’ll leave it at that.

I’m here for info and alternatives to using Steam for this game, not to criticize Funcom’s business relationships.

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Cool, so your ego is stopping you from playing a game you want to play over what amounts to a couple bucks in Valve’s pocket. Good logic.

Imo everyone has his own opinion if he wan’t or don’t want a third platform.

I fully understand Jerych because I don’t want Steam or any other intrusive third platform, as many other friends.
Since 3 years I only buy my games on GoG for example too.

One year ago, I planned to buy Conan Exiles, but it was only released via Steam, and it still is.

Thx for any further informations

Download it on Xbox :smile:

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