Purchase on PC question

Hi, regarding the PC version – can it only be bought on Steam? Or can I also buy it directly from the Funcom Conan-Exiles website?

There are other legitimate digital retailers that sell Conan Exiles. Though, you are essentially buying a Steam key to redeem on Steam.

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It is currently only available on Steam.

You may also buy it on other websites, but only the following are actual authorized sellers (which sell you a Steam key for activation). Anywhere else it’s basically pirating the game as the developers (Funcom) won’t see a penny of it. So if you want to support the dev team, buy from one of these.

  • Steam
  • Fanatical
  • Gamersgate
  • Gamesplanet
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Humble Bundle

Then how do they get the Steam keys to sell if they are not authorized?

If the keys can be activated on Steam then they are authorized.

Not exactly, they may have been obtained with stolen credit cards, etc. There have been cases where the keys even though successfully applied were later revoked by Steam unless you manage to prove that you have purchased it from them or an authorized re-seller.

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I suggest you do some research into grey market sites. As I said, if you want to support dev teams around the world, only buy them from sites that are authorized. They will otherwise not see a penny of that purchase.

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