Is Funcom aware that you cannot buy game?

My guild and I are trying to buy the game, but the “Select Game” drop down does not function in IE, EDGE or Firefox and no using chrome is not an option after googles data sharing issue.

Just thought they might want to know.

Hmm… Why not buy it via steam or some game shop/amazon?
The german site redirects to steam anyway.

But well… It still tells about preordering in german as well. :joy:

Btw, if you intend to start on some official server, get yourself a nice spacious position.
Maproom, big well and the pens are huge monsters and will use up a lot of room. Not to mention vaults, which get nerfed in HP so a nicely guarded/encased storeroom with lots of chests might be the better choice.

Thanks for the hint @TheLOLxd2.

Hey there @Xsarec,

It is recommended to buy the game through one of the store pages mentioned on the Official Wiki page for Conan Exiles.

Please note that Pre-Orders are no longer available.
This is what you were refering to (it does say so in their descriptions, although the title is Play Now.)

Sure. German is here, using Firefox. The “Vorbestellen / Jetzt spielen” being “preorder / play now”.

As you can see, clicking on “Kaufen” (Buy now) redirects to steam:

And the english version, again using Firefox:

I guess the OP cannot upload images yet as I would guess its a new account.
As you can see, one click on buy now scrolls down the site and then the interested person is wanted to choose a version. But there are no options there, thus one cannot buy it via the site.
I guess the ones who set up the sites in the different languages didnt set up the redirect to steam on english. And forgot to delete the preorder on german.

Again: use steam to buy the game.

Edit: Oh wow. Yep, sometimes I forget the easiest terms. Just like storeroom. :joy: :crazy_face:

What issue?

Similar to Facebook. In the USA corporations are allowed to use and share your data (anonymously) with other companies for research and polling data (even some internet providers track everything). In EU it is regulated so they can’t hide these in the TOS when signing up, and then have to inform you every time they do share your data. Google makes money off of sharing your data. (I still use it because of the anonymity.)

Would that still get you the “Atlantean Sword” DLC, though? Asking for a friend (literally).

Uhm, those where the physical day one versions. You will need to buy your copy from a story, at make sure its day one. Then conans sword is included.

I think none of the preorder bonuses are still in when purchasing the game?

Fair enough. I bought my own copy on day one of EA, so haven’t really looked into the release versions at all. Thanks!

This is where I purchased mine. You can log into with your Amazon Prime account. Note it is not region locked.

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