They canceled my game

You can tell me why they cancel the key of a product that I bought. After having hours and days playing.

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Need more information

I bought “Conan Exiles” using a CD Key and activated it on July 14 of this year. I already had more than 75 hours played and today I enter Steam and I get a message indicating that the game was revoked, the Key.

Indeed, we’ll need a bit more information to help. It sounds like you’re getting an error on Steam about the key you used? If it’s something along those lines or about the purchase of the game you’ll need to contact Steam.

I already contacted Steam and he told me it was Funcom who revoked the key.

I would send you a screenshot of the message but I can not be a new user of the forum.

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I’ll take these to DMs so we can share these privately just in case we need more personal info.

Same issue here.

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If you purchased the game somewhere else rather than Steam, you need to contact the realtor you purchased it from and hopefully they can help you out.

Sounds like you got scammed. Someone sold you a key, it was already in use by someone else, and Steam noticed that and revoked it.

Never buy anything from a third party, that opens the door to being scammed. If I were you, and you used a credit card, contact the credit card company to revoke the charge as you had your purchase clawed back so don’t have the goods you were sold anymore. Assuming you actually paid for it. If you didn’t pay for it, then you have nothing to really complain about. IIRC, Conan Exiles doesn’t have CD keys. It’s a fully digital game.


I paid.

Is that I do not have the money to buy the game directly from Steam, I made the effort to save it and buy it on another website. It’s my fault, but in my country, accessing video games is a luxury for a few.

Really, thank you very much for the information. I will use it in the future.

I give them the information on the site so be careful:

Seller name: Levy Li

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therer are reputable online stores that sells steam games.

whatsw the name of the site you bought it from?

if u used paypal. you can always file a case. and chances are you get your money backl

I’m sorry you went through this situation. In my country I also paid dearly for any games and I was once cheated on a virtual commerce site. It was a huge loss and the police could not do anything. I know very well how you feel.

And when it is not the case that there is a “comfortable financial” condition, it is precisely in these circumstances that we know how to value our money more.


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