Problem adding dlc on steam

hello, I have a problem, I have conan in exile for more than 2 years, I bought the dlc by instant gaming, wanting to add it via steam, I receive the error message "you must own the original game to add this dlc "could you help me?

First of all, as far as I am aware, instant gaming is not an authorized re-seller for Steam/Conan Exiles. If you have purchased an invalid/broken key, you will get no support from Steam or Funcom. Do you have Conan Exiles in your Steam library?

yep i have :slight_smile: and i have almost 4000h in the game , and almost every dlc and no probleme whit them

Then maybe you bought a bad key or a key which can only be activated in a certain region.

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are you dev in this game ?

and thank you for your help , i will try to buy another one then :slight_smile:

I am not a dev (just a player like you) but as I said, you bought a key from an unauthorized re-seller. You will get no support from the devs. If you buy from Steam (or their authorized re-sellers) and you have a problem, then you can get in touch with Steam and they will fix it for you. Suggest reaching out to instant gaming who sold you the key and letting them fix it for you.

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