DLC problems with Steam

New Conan player here,
i was gifted the game by a friend about a week ago, great game and all but,
i am having problems with my DLCs

when i received the game it told me i had

  • Riders of Hyboria
  • Debaucheries of Derketo
  • Blood and Sand
  • Riddle of Steel
  • Treasures of Turan
  • Seekers of the Dawn
  • The Savage Frontier
  • Jewel of the West
  • The Imperial East
    it was also called Conan [do not remember] Edition when i first had it in my Steam Library.

First they just disappeared ingame, i tried everything the forum said, but now, after trying everything they have suddenly been removed from my Steam Library (???)
sadly i have not taken any Screenshots of my Ownership of said DLCs

am i abled to do anything about this issue or do i just have to accept it?

I allways get a email from Steam, whenever I purchase a game. Check if you have received it and then contact the support of Steam.

As i stated in my post: i received it as a gift, meaning i don’t have a receipt.
So there is no way to show/look at a receipt.

Sorry, have overseen this detail.
So ask who ever have gifted it to you if he/she is able to give you a proof of the transaction.
I think it is more Steam related then Funcom.

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During the free week, you had free access to 10 DLCs. However, now that the free week is over, only the DLCs you have actually purchased would be available to you. If they have gifted you just the base game, then you will no longer have access to the DLCs.


What Narelle said. If you believe it’s in error, the only people who can resolve a Steam library issue is Steam support.

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