It is forcing me to buy DLC's (which I already own) I have over 3000 hours on conan and it won't let me play

I click play.

instead of that obnoxious intro movie that leads to the main menu, I get a list of all of funcoms failed games, and conan exiles wants me to buy DLC’s

No need to grumble about the launcher, just focus on the main issue so we know what to suggest to help.

Your current post isn’t clear to me what stage of the game execute you are on. Could you be more descriptive of the issue, and what you need help with? Are you having issues launching the game, or are you not seeing the DLCs activated, or something else? It isn’t clear.


i am grumbling about the launcher in order to let you know the problem is happening before I can get to the launcher. You literally just told me to not give you details and then asked me to give you the details I already gave you. it wants me to purchase DLC’s which I already have. if I go to purchase them, it informs me that I already have them.

I click play. there is literally NOTHING before play. play is LITERALLY the first thing you do. I click play. instead of taking me to the maddening mind numbing aggravating opening video, which is what it did the last time i played conan, it takes me to a list of games made by funcom. I have never seen this list before. I would like to never see this list again,

nonetheless, I click on conan exiles a second time, and now there is nothing. just dlcs which I already own asking me for money.

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What @Multigun is trying to say here is that the Steam “Play” button now starts the Funcom Launcher, which has been announced on the forums almost 3 months ago.

The launcher has two buttons, one that says “Launch” and other that says “Continue”. If you press “Launch”, it will start the game, show the intro video, and then the main menu.

If you press “Continue”, it will skip the intro video and try to put you right back where you were the last time you closed the game. If you were playing a single-player save, it will load that save. If you were playing on a server, it will try to connect to that server.

What @Multigun was asking was what problem you were having with Funcom Launcher. Are the “Launch” and “Continue” buttons missing from the Launcher? Are they present, but you didn’t see them? Did you see them, but clicking on them didn’t work? If they don’t work, what is the concrete description of what happens after clicking them?

@Multigun was trying to help you diagnose your problem. Your attitude is extremely hostile and uncalled for, especially considering that he’s just another player, like me. It would be uncalled for even if directed at a Funcom employee, but treating your fellow gamers like that is shamefully entitled.

EDIT: If anyone reads this post and wonders what the hell I’m talking about, please note that the mods have edited @changelyng’s post after I wrote mine, and removed the incredibly hostile outburst that was there. Least said, soonest mended.


@CodeMage @Multigun , I believe this is the same issue that is already been reported and acknowledged by funcom here:


Most likely, but it’s best to be sure. The mention of DLCs is confusing, and so is the subsequent assertion that the problem is happening before getting to the launcher.

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Agreed, I think the launcher is opening with the DLC tab activated instead of the Game tab, but that is pure speculation.

See the example below:

I believe the users simply need to click the Game tab button to the left of the DLC tab.


@CodeMage thank you. My attitude is quite hostile. I will apologize to multigun, I mistook him for an admin. This is by no means the first time I have been asked and expected to write a novel about the ways in while funcom fails. I have bought almost all of the (crappy) DLC’s in hopes that funcom will give CE the attention it deserves, and after years of watching funcom neglect existing bugs, and create endless new ones I would say I feel as about as entitled as it gets. I am not accusing anyone of anything but if anyone here are one of the many ppl who keep saying ‘bravo!’ every time funcom dumps a bowl of untested %#%$@ on us and calling it an update…then we probably aren’t going to get along.

@Multigun sorry. Funcom owes us all a good product (because that’s how money works). finally in 2020 and 2021 they are starting to deliver. too bad there is next to noone left to notice.(15k players? pleeeease) Thanks for trying to help.

@Lahaina You nailed it the first time. Changing the resolution gives me ‘launch’, ‘continue’, as well as ‘more’. I am embarrassed! I didn’t realize this forum allowed screenshots. Any of you helpful folk care to speculate why my game menu and my mouse have decided they want nothing to do with each other? TY

(the screen shot doesnt capture the fact that the computer pointer is way over to the right, no where near the thing that is selected)

You can bypass the launcher in the future if you so desire. Just need to create a shortcut from the exe located in your game install folder (there are two locations where an exe can be found, make sure and use the one found in the Binaries/Win64 folder).

As for your mouse, 3 things to try.

  1. Make sure your desktop and game are set to the same resolution (native resolution of your monitor is ideal).

  2. Use windowed fullscreen (often the easiest solution, but some players prefer Fullscreen).

  3. If your windows taskbar is anywhere but the default bottom section, this can lead to weird mouse issues.



Your game resolution is odd. What is the resolution of your computer screen when you are NOT running the game? It would be best to make them the same; otherwise, Windows (which controls the mouse) and the game resolution will not agree on where the mouse really is.


That’s what you guys see? And that launcher has been there for 3 months?

I’ve never seen that. I get a big square that says Funcom for a few seconds, and then the game starts. Wonder why my game works different.

I got this message once, but it went away after restarting Steam.

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