Funcom opens, CE does not have option to launch

Game mode: any
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: any
Region: US
Mods?: NO

Bug Description:

unable to launch game. No launch option when i open funcom. I see where the launch should be based on what i’ve seen my friends do but it only tells me to buy the add-ons. (which i did buy the Siptah one hoping it would fix this issue but it did not) I’m very upset that i’ve had to waste the space on my laptop just for me to not be able to launch the game. previously, about a week ago, i had installed the game and was having issues with the game for a different reason. several restarts have been done on my computer and i’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

Expected Behavior:

have a button to launch the game

Steps to Reproduce:

open through steam, launches funcom, no option to launch CE. tried launching through the CE icon on my monitor, launches funcom, no option to launch CE.

Hi @OgLilPotato

We are aware of this issue and we currently have a workaround for it:

Changing resolution/scale while the Launcher is turned-on should restores appropriate scale

Feel free to get back to us if this does not work for you.


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