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Hello ,
Please help. There are any chance for add the commercial license for Conan Exiles and other yours games in the steam?
There is the program in the steam link - (https) partner[dot]steamgames[dot]com/doc/sitelicense/publisher. We want to purchase your games for our customers, as we are now buying others games, but now it is imposible. For another developers it cost a few hours for publishing commercial licenses

I am not sure I understand you correctly.
Are you asking if you can have the rights to re-sell Conan Exiles through steam?

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Maybe they are looking to run a PC-gaming cafe? :man_shrugging:


No, Please open the link to steam pc cafe program [https://]partner[dot]steamgames[dot]com/doc/sitelicense
For example, I bye 5 licenses (concarent) for MORDHAU and our 5 customers can play in MORDHAU in our PC cafe.

I don’t see this happening, Funcom is not gonna play around with the license rights to Conan. Not gonna happen. Nope. In fact, I would say that a snowball would have a better chance in Stygia than Funcom playing around with the license rights.

Smells like a scam …a very poor one at that.

Where are you find the scam???!! Open the link of official program of Steam. You can find the hundreds of games distributed by steam with commercial licenses for PC cafe

Buisness, like gaming cafes, can’t use retail licence for what they are doing. Most licences forbide this knid of use. They have to purchase special licences.

The dude’s legit in his his inquery.

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