Please dump Steam

Hello Funcom…

Please make your own launcher or make the game so it can play without steam.

If its a issue concerning your fears of piracy, than please send out a game update that will check to see if there is a Conan Exiles Game CD in a CD-ROM drive and start the game without steam.

I own the game, I bought a hard copy of the game that has the game on an actual CD, you know one of those plastic round things that have a shiny side and a hole in the center that go into a slot in some computers?

I shouldn’t have to have software that is as bad as a Virus/ Spyware running on my computer just so I can play a game that I own on CD.

You don’t force players to use steam in order to play your MMO “Age of Conan” I don’t see why you feel the need to force it on players playing Conan Exiles.

I would rather pay a monthly fee to play the game than to be forced to use steam.

I would go as far as paying an additional $60.00usd to buy yet another copy of the game on CD to be able to play it without steam.

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No I just don’t like steam, my steam account had over $600.00usd of games on it and it somehow got corrupted and I lost all the games and steam refuses to replace the games or refund me.

You may like steam but I absolutely hate them so yeah I prefer games on CD and maybe you would also if you had experienced something similar.

I sincerely hope you never do experience this.

But thank you for your kind reply.

They tried offering their own launcher. Most of us hated it, because they made it so your Steam launches their launcher.

I wouldn’t mind them offering their own launcher as an alternative that I’m not forced to use. Just like you prefer not to use Steam, I prefer not to use a third-party launcher unless I explicitly choose to do so.

It’ll be on Epic Store Page at a later date.

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